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1.3 "Terminator 2: 3-D" (aka "T2 3-D: Battle Across Time")


This article is from the The Terminator FAQ, by Karsten A. Loepelmann kloepel@connect.ab.ca with numerous contributions by others.

1.3 "Terminator 2: 3-D" (aka "T2 3-D: Battle Across Time")

T2: 3-D is a sequel (of sorts) to T2 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda
Hamilton, Robert Patrick, and Edward Furlong, titled "Terminator 2 3-D:
Across Time". This attraction is at Universal Studios Florida only. See the
website at:

Producers: Chuck Comisky, Andrew Millstein
Cinematography: Peter Anderson (II) [3-D],
Russell Carpenter [live-action], Russ Lyster [effects]
Production Design: John Muto
Film Editing: David Bartholomew, Shannon Leigh-Olds
Music: Brad Fiedel
Written by: James Cameron, Gary Goddard, & Adam Bezark
Directors: John Bruno, James Cameron, & Stan Winston
Cast (in credits order)
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator
Linda Hamilton: Sarah Connor
Robert Patrick: T-1000
Edward Furlong: John Connor

From "Gamefan" magazine:
* The 3-D film utilized in the attraction is approximately 10 minutes long
and was directed by "Terminator" creator and director James Cameron.
* The 10-minute film features all-new footage shot exclusively for the
"Terminator 2 - 3-D" attraction. Production took place in a deserted
steel mill in Fontana, California, taking over two weeks of all-night
* Computer graphics house Digital Domain, whose special effects work can be
seen in "Jurassic Park" and "Apollo 13", created all of the digital
composite imagery in the film.

* Three-dimensional images are projected on three separate screens, in a way
never seen before, surrounding guests with 180 degrees of in-your-face
* Each of the three projection screens located within the attraction
measure 23 feet high by 50 feet long.
* Six fully automated 70mm film projectors are required to create the 3-D
images that will reach off the screen and into the audience.

* The "Terminator 2 - 3-D" attraction features a state-of-the-art sound
system created by Soundelux that pumps a total of 45,620 Watts through 141
speakers. it is the most technically advanced system in the world and
serves as a showplace for audiophiles across the globe.
* All processing gear for the attraction's audio system are found within one
master computer system. All connections and configurations are made
on-screen utilizing computer software that has never been seen before.
* The audio computer system allows audio engineers to modify and construct
new audio configurations simply by drawing them on a computer screen
instead of the time-consuming re-wiring required by a conventional system.

* Originally, Universal Studios planned to feature in the attraction the
T-800 chrome endoskeletons seen in the "Terminator 2" motion picture.
However, after consulting with director James Cameron, they discovered that
the T-800s come from the future (around 2029) and therefore could not exist
in the attraction in the present day. As a result, Cameron designed,
exclusively for this attraction, the T-70 robot, a totally new, more
primitive series of the mechanical soldier.

For more information, see the Internet Movie Database at:

Or read the "Wired" magazine interview with JC in issue 4.04 at:

The following is a spoiler for T2: 3-D. *DON'T* read it if you don't want to
know what happens!

Summary written by Dave Harling <dave.harling@ingram.com>:
The audience [is invited] to a presentation of future technology by the
Cyberdyne Corporation; creators of the present T-70s and future creator of
Skynet. Unfortunately, half-way through the presentation, they are
sabotaged (live) by Sarah and John Connor, who inform us of the future
doom Cyberdyne will unknowingly bring to the world. The audience is soon
joined by the T-1000 as well as Arnold's T-800 on stage via motorcycle.
The T-800 grabs John and exits the stage via a 3-D time portal, quickly
pursued by the T-1000. From there it is all 3-D movie magic in which the
T-800 and John Connor must defeat Skynet, which is guarded by the powerful

The Sci-Fi Channel (and, later, The Learning Channel) aired "The Making of
Terminator 2 3D". Although this program is not available for sale on video,
the Sci-Fi Channel's website has some T2: 3-D info:


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