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1.2.2 What scenes were added to the T2 Special Edition?


This article is from the The Terminator FAQ, by Karsten A. Loepelmann kloepel@connect.ab.ca with numerous contributions by others.

1.2.2 What scenes were added to the T2 Special Edition?

Although some scenes were cut from the theatrical release of T2, many were
restored in the Special Edition. These are described below. Two long scenes
were not included in the SE, but were appended to the supplemental tape. One
is the alternate ending "Future Coda" (scene 215; see section 1.2.3), the
other is scenes 56/56A.

For scene numbers, I've followed the convention in the "Annotated
the placement of added scenes may not necessarily match that of the SE.

[I've reduced this section from sections of full-blown script to mere
descriptions for a few reasons: it took too much space; the SE is widely
available; and the "Annotated Screenplay" contains full scripts.]

**** CAUTION: Major spoilers for the Special Edition ahead ****

Scene 23: Pescadero
In the hallway of the Pescadero Mental Institution. Dr. Silberman has just
finished showing Sarah Connor to some other doctors. He asks Douglas and
another unnamed attendant to make sure Sarah takes her Thorazine.

Theatrical release:
Cut to T-1000 patrol car pulling up at John's foster parents' home.

Special Edition:
Cut to Silberman walking away. Douglas and partner enter Connor's room.

Dougie and his partner administer Sarah her medication in their own
(violent) way.
--Total time: 1:00

Scene 29: Dream sequence
John Connor relates to his friend Tim how his mom is a loser. They ride off
spend the money. Cut to Terminator pulling up on his bike.

Theatrical Release:
Cut to Dr. Silberman and Sarah watching an old videotape of Sarah
describing a
recurring dream of nuclear Judgment Day.

Special Edition:
Cut to Sarah sitting on her bed in her cell.

Sarah has a fever dream of meeting Kyle, who gives her further inspiration.
She follows him down the hall and finds herself looking into a playground,
Terminator by her side. Suddenly, a nuclear explosion hits, obliterating
everything, and turning the Terminator into a smoking endoskeleton. Sarah
wakes up in her cell.
--Total time: 3:21

Scene 54: Max
At the house of John's foster parents, Janelle changes into the T-1000.

Theatrical Release:
Cut to officers showing Sarah pictures taken of Terminator at mall.

Special Edition:
Cut to T-1000 leaving John's foster parents' home. Kills the dog and reads
"MAX" on its collar.
--Total time: 0:30

Scenes 56 and 56A: Room scan
T-1000 passes the bathroom where Janelle is lying dead in the shower. It
searches John's room, touching everything gently with his fingertips. It
touches a Public Enemy poster, rips it off the wall and finds a box with
"Letters from Mom" written on it. It goes through a bunch of photos in the
--Total time: 1:25

Scenes 87 to 89C: Chip flip
At the abandoned garage. John asks the Terminator whether he can be more

Theatrical Release:
The Terminator tells John that his CPU is a neural net processor.

Special Edition:
Sarah and John "operate" on the Terminator, removing his CPU. Sarah wants to
destroy it, but John asserts himself and stops her. They switch the CPU to
"read-and-write" mode.
--Time of deleted scene: 0:10
--Time of added scenes: 3:32

Scenes 96A to 97: Learning to smile
Sarah, John, and "Uncle Bob" pull the station wagon into a gas station; steam
is coming out of radiator.

Theatrical Release:
Cut to Sarah chewing on a burger, Terminator pouring water into the radiator.

Special Edition:
John tries to teach Terminator how to smile, with mixed results. Cut to Sarah
chewing on a burger.
--Total time of added scenes: 1:17

Scene 99: Dyson at home
Terminator is telling Sarah about Dyson, who developed the Skynet technology.

Theatrical Release:
Cut to station wagon pulling up at Enrique's ranch.

Special Edition:
Miles tells Tarissa about his new processor; she convinces him to spend some
time with their two kids to Raging Waters.
--Total time of added scene: 2:20

Scenes A105 to A106: Salceda's Ranch
Enrique shows Sarah the truck that needs a new starter.

Theatrical Release:
Cut to Arnold pulling dust cover off chain gun.

Special Edition:
Sarah tells Enrique to leave his ranch after they leave.
As the Terminator selects weapons, John tells him about his life growing up.
--Total time of deleted scenes: 0:14
--Total time of added scenes: 1:44

Scene A123: John
John and Terminator are trying to prevent Sarah from killing Dyson.

Theatrical Release:
Cut to toy truck in Dyson's home.

Special Edition:
John tells the Terminator the importance of human feelings.
--Total time: 0:48

Scenes 148A to 148C: Sledgehammer
T-1000 is at Dyson's home, hears that Sarah Conner is at Cyberdyne.

Theatrical Release:
Cut to police cars pulling up at Cyberdyne.

Special Edition:
Miles helps destroy everything in his lab, including smashing the neural net
prototype with an axe.
--Total time: 0:30

Scenes 203A to 203C and 209A: T-1000 bugs
After the T-1000 is shattered by the Terminator, we see that it's beginning
to lose control of its morphing. Its hand takes on black and yellow stripes
when it grabs a black and yellow striped railing, and its feet squish and
morph into the steel floor pattern on each step.

When it morphs into Sarah Connor, John looks down and sees that the
T-1000/Connor's feet have melded into the steel floor right before the real
Connor begins blasting away at it.


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