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06 Missing scenes (Hellraiser movie)


This article is from the Hellraiser movie FAQ, by Mario Moeller and Kalle Paulsson karl-pau@dsv.su.se with numerous contributions by others.

06 Missing scenes (Hellraiser movie)

"Sad, huh? She's been here six months. A complete mystery. No family.
No visitors. She's completely alone. A nurse named her Tiffany.
She never speaks. All she does is solve puzzles. All the time.
Dr. Channard feels it may be a good thing. Maybe, beneath her
withdrawal, she's putting something in order."

The original scripts for both Hellraiser and Hellbound feature scenes
that are different, or missing from the films. This will give you an
insight into how the films were originally intended to be.

:: Hellraiser ::::

:: [Kirsty works at a pizza shop instead of a pet shop. This is a scene
where she meets Steve at the pizza shop.]

CUSTOMER 1: Excuse me, Miss --
CUSTOMER 2: I'd like some more lager.
KIRSTY : In a moment!
CUSTOMER 2: Did you hear me?

<Kirsty starts back to the counter. As she does so somebody else's voice
cuts through the din.>

STEVE : Hey, sex-bomb --

<She wheels round>

KIRSTY : You keep your -- <sees Steve>
: Oh <smiles> Hi.
STEVE : I just called in. How about tonight?
KIRSTY : I don't finish till twelve.
STEVE : I'm a late riser.

<He grins. She grins.>

CUSTOMER 2: What do you have to do to get some service around here?
STEVE : Catch you later

:: [when Kirsty meets the Cenobites in the hospital, she is alone. In the
original script, Steve is there too.]

CENOBITE : You solved the box. We came. Now you must come with us.
Taste our pleasures.
KIRSTY : Don't touch me!

<The door opens. It's Steve. Kirsty's face floods with relief. Steve
does not register the Cenobites' presence however>

KIRSTY : Steve. Thank God you came.
STEVE : What happened to you?

<He steps between the Cenobites>

KIRSTY : These things . . . they want to take me.
STEVE : What things?
CENOBITE : He doesn't see us, or hear us. We belong to you Kirsty.
And you to us.
STEVE : What's wrong?
KIRSTY : Don't let them take me, Steve --
STEVE : I won't let anybody take you.

He starts to walk towards her, but the creature in the dark glasses
takes a hooked rod from its back and puts the hook to Steve's neck.
Steve's hand moves to the place; he makes a small sound of pain.
The Cenobite takes off its glasses, to see its trick better. The eyes
beneath are sewn shut. It pulls a little more on the hook. Steve winces.

F.CENOBITE: If he takes another step, we open his throat.
KIRSTY : <to Steve> Please go, Steve.
STEVE : What?
KIRSTY : Just go. Please. I'll be OK. I'm going to go see Dad.
He'll look after me -- <Steve leaves>
CENOBITE : It's time we were away.
KIRSTY : Let me alone, will you?
CENOBITE : No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering.

:: [different ending]

<House door slams shut behind Steve and Kirsty, Kirsty turns the
sealed box over in her hand. There is a slit in it which has not quite
closed. Light suddenly pours from it, up into Kirsty's face. Her
features are momentarily distorted, as if sucked towards the box. From
within: shrieks, bells, music. Between the screams, Frank's voice.>

FRANK : Come to Daddy!

<She slams the panel shut. The distortions cease. So does the din.>

KIRSTY : Not tonight.

<A smile crosses her face, and she leaves the doorstep, making her way
towards the street. Steve gazes at her, then follows. Their figures
are erased by the darkness. Somewhere, a bell rings as . . CREDITS ROLL>


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