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02 Movie summaries :: Hellraiser IV : Bloodline ::


This article is from the Hellraiser movie FAQ, by Mario Moeller and Kalle Paulsson karl-pau@dsv.su.se with numerous contributions by others.

02 Movie summaries :: Hellraiser IV : Bloodline ::

"Pinhead stalks a family's bloodline through four centuries of terror."

Fangoria #133, June 1994 had the following to say:

Scripted by Pete Atkins from a Barker outline and set to be directed by
FX whiz Kevin Yagher. The story is a three-parter, with the opening set in
18th-century France, the second segment in modern America and the finale in
a space station. Barker stresses it is not an anthology, however. "It's a
single narrative; it's not 'Tales From The Darkside'", he affirms. "It is
the pursuit of a bloodline through three ages, and is going to take Pinhead
places he's never been before."

The Feb 1995 issue of Sci Fi Entertainment has the following update:

In this installment in the Hellraiser saga, Pinhead is unleashed by the
man who originally created the Lemarchand Configuration box and challenged
by a beautiful demon who predates him by two hundred years.
Bradley explains Pinhead's role in the fourth installment : "At the end of
Hellraiser III, Pinhead was back in the box and once again bound by the
rules of the box. When he is released, he comes face to face with a fellow
demon who predates him and is responsible for commissioning the creation
of the Lament Configuration in the first place. To that extent, she is at
least his equal. So, it's a little sparky between the two of them"
The article mentions that Valentina Vargas and Bruce Ramsay star in
the movie.

The April 1995 issue of Cinefantastique has a special feature
"Clive Barker - Horror Visionary", with big articles on Hellraiser IV
as well as Candyman 2 and Lord Of Illusions. There's pictures of both
Angelique and the Siamese twin Cenobite (Name unknown, so far).

Hellraiser IV was scheduled for US theatrical release on March 24th,
from Miramax Dimension. It has now been pushed forward to August 25th at
the earliest or Halloween at the latest. This is due to extensive
postproduction and recutting to get it into shape. This involves amongst
other things, getting Pinhead into the movie in the first segment, instead
of in the second, as planned from the beginning.

The latest release date seems to be November 6:th, from what I've heard.
If anybody has any info on this, please mail me.


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