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7. Periodicals (Blade Runner)


This article is from the Blade Runner FAQ, by Murray Chapmanmuzzle@cs.uq.oz.au with numerous contributions by others.

7. Periodicals (Blade Runner)

American Cinematographer, July 1982. BR special.

"Back To The Future", Empire (UK) no. 42 (December 1992).

Bruno, Giuliana. "Ramble City: Postmodernism and BR", October, no. 41
(1987), p. 61.

Cinefantastique, nos. 5-6 (July-August 1982) double issue. Comprehensive
article on the making of BR with credits, illustrations, and 83 photos.

Cinefex, no. 9 (July 1982). Entire issue devoted to BR.

Desser, David. "BR: Science Fiction and Transcendence", Literature/Film
Quarterly 13, no. 3. (1985), p. 171.

Deutelbaum, Marshall. "Visual Memory/Visual Design: The Remembered Sights
of Blade Runner", Literature/Film Quarterly 17, no. 1 (1989), p. 66.

Edwards, Phil. "The Blade Cuts", Starburst (UK) no. 51, November 1982.

Fischer, Norman. "BR and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: An
Ecological Critique of Human-Centered Value Systems." Canadian Journal of
Social and Political Theory, vol. 13 no. 3 (1989), pp. 102-113.

"L'homme est-il bon?", "The Long Tomorrow" from the "Wonders of the Universe"
comic book series [France]. Illustrated by Moebius (Jean Giraud). Also
appears as 2 part story in "Heavy Metal" magazine [US], July and August 1977.

Literature/Film Quarterly 18, no. 1 (1990). BR issue: "Casablanca Meets
Star Wars: The Blakeian Dialectics of BR", by Rachela Morrison;

"Romanticizing Cybernetics in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner", by Joseph W.
Slade; and extensive bibliography by W. Kolb.

Official Comics Adaptation of Blade Runner. A Marvel Super Special,
no. 22 (September 1982). Also appears as the Blade Runner Annual from
Grandreams, 1982 (British hardbound version of the Marvel Comic).

Official Blade Runner Souvenir Magazine. New York: Ira Friedman, Inc.,
1982. Fourteen interviews, over 140 photos and illustrations, 68 pages.

Scharf, David. "Magnifications: Photography with the Scanning Electron
Microscope" Schocken Books, 1977. ISBN 080523670-8

Shapiro, Michael J. "'Manning' the Frontiers: The Politics of (Human)
Nature in Blade Runner." In the Nature of Things: Language,
Politics, and the Environment. Ed. Jane Bennett and William
Chaloupka. Minneapolis: U of Minn Press, 1993. 65-84.

Telotte, J.P. "Human Artifice and the Science Fiction Film", Film
Quarterly, 36, no. 3 (1983), p. 44.

Video Watchdog no. 20, November-December 1993. [See section 13.]

The Perfect Vision volume 6 no. 23, October 1994.

New Voyager, Issue 1.


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