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15. Music (Movies: Alien)


This article is from the Alien Movies FAQ, by Darryll Hobsonand Eelko de Vos E.W.C.deVos@TWI.TUDelft.NL with numerous contributions by others.

15. Music (Movies: Alien)

Music by Jerry Goldsmith

At this time the original soundtrack album to "Alien" is available on both

This release was produced by the Composer, Jerry Goldsmith and contains
his original score from the film, portions of which were not used in the
final of the film. Anyone with information about which tracks were, and
which were not used, is encouraged to mail me about this!
These tracks include the following

(1.) Main Title
(2.) "Breakaway"
(3.) The Shaft
(4.) End title

Portions of his score for the l962 film "Freud" were tracked into the film
for two scenes

(1.) Dallas Shaft search for the alien
(2.) The Acid dripping through the deck

On the "Freud" album these tracks are called

(1.) Main Title
(2.) Charcolt's Case
(3.) Desperate Case

This disc was released by CITADEL RECORDS (CT 7011), it is now out of
print and was only avaiable on LP only.

The End Credits of the film are taken from a Charles Gerdhart conducted
recording of Howard Hanson's symphony #2 "The Romantic" (The last 2 1/2
minutes of the first movement.

Music by James Horner

The Original soundtrack album to the film is available from VARESE

It is worth noting that a portion of Jerry Goldsmith's score turns up in
the film for the scene in which Newt and Ripley are chased by the Queen
Mother to the Elevator shaft. This piece ends as Ripley and Newt see that
the 2nd dropship isn't waiting for them.

This piece is called "The FaceHugger" on the "Alien" Soundtrack.

The "ALIENS" soundtrack contains music from a scene that was not in the
theatrical release. "Dark Discovery" (played when the Jorden family
discover the derelict spacecraft) could therefore be heared years before
the public could see the scene.

"Alien 3"
Music by Elliot Goldenthal

The original soundtrack album was released on MCA RECORDS (MCAD l0629) It
is available on both CD and Cassette.

BE WARNED: MCA has a nasty habit deleting titles and not telling the
public about it. so if you see a copy of this GRAB IT AT ONCE.

The two biggest items that you won't hear on the disc are the End Title
(Mr. Goldenthal didn't write one, the music editor cut together the End
Titles from other sections of the score).

The other item is the twisted version of the 20th Century Fox logo. This
is supposed to appear on an upcoming FOX RECORDS release of Music from
"Predator" (Alan Silvestri) and "Die Hard" (Release date TBA).

The best way to obtain any of these discs is to contact

1488 Vallejo St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Voice: 415-776-1333
Fax 415-776-2666


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