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Misc Useful Things

Misc Useful Things

Free web-based e-mail:

Email + Forwarding:

  • www.apexmail.com (http://www.apexmail.com) ApexMail includes auto-responders, forwarding, POP retrieval, advanced address book/contact management, color schemes, email addresses search engine,blocking and more. International languages compatible
  • www.juno.com (http://www2.fikeforce.com/main/800x600/freezone/www.juno.com)Juno provides a free email accout that can be accessed though POP3.
  • www.usa.net (http://www.usa.net/netaddress.html)Usa.net provides email forwarding for life. Your own @usa.net address.
  • www.iname.com  Iname provides email forwarding. Choose from many domains.
  • www.bigfoot.comBigfoot is another email forwarding provider. Your own @bigfoot.com
  • www.netforward.com  is another email forwarding service choose from many domains.
  • www.pobox.org.sgPobox is another email forwarding service. Email for life.
  • GEOCITIES (http://www.geocities.com)   Both email forwarding and web space provider.
  • STARMAIL (http://www.myownemail.com/vanity/create.htm)  Like iname, lots of domain address.
  • PLANETALL (http://www.planetall.com)  Forwarding email plus addressbook,reminder.
  • NAZ (http://www.naz.com)   forwarding email plus web space provider

Just Email:

  • NetAddress (http://netaddress.usa.net/)- Free web-based e-mail
  • www.rocketmail.comRocketmail is a email provider, just need a web browser no POP.
  • www.hotmail.comHotmail is an excellent email provider all you need is a web browser.
  • BUSYMAIL (http://www.busymail.com) Like HOTMAIL,web based Email.
  • EMAIL (http://www.wwdg.com) Web base and mail forward also available.
  • FOCUS-ASIA (http://www.focus-asia.com) Provide free email account and webpage.
  • GOPLAY (http://www.goplay.com) Very easy and simple.
  • MAILCITY (http://www.mailcity.com) Very popular,but I can't log on their server.
  • MAILEXCITE (http://www.mailexcite.com) EXCITE is very famous search engine.
  • NET@DDRESS (http://www.netaddress.com) I like their simple designs.
  • YAHOO (http://mail.yahoo.com) Do you like YAHOO?You can get their address,now!!

Free web-based mailing-list:

  • www.findmail.com FindMail is the premier provider of FREE Web-based e-mail lists.
  • www.coollist.comCoolist provides users the ablity to create free mailing lists.

Free web space for your own web personal site:

  • www.geocities.comGeocities is a web page provider plus your own email address.
  • members.tripod.com (http://homepager.tripod.com)Tripod is another web page provider.
  • www.angelfire.comAngelfire is a web page provider. They have been around for a while.
  • www.toptown.comToptown is a web page provider. They are on hold until Sep. 97
  • www.royaltystudios.com50 megs of free space- ftp - Shared Files - Free CD-ROM.
  • www.fortunecity.comFortune City provides 6megs of web space.
  • University TopLinks (http://www.university.toplinks.com/) - Among other things - free web space for college students!

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