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Multiple Search Engines On One Page


Search Engines

  • Altavista: http://www.altavista.digital.com/
  • Excite: http://www.excite.com/
  • Infoseek: http://www.infoseek.com/
  • Lycos: http://www.lycos.com/
  • OpenText: http://search.opentext.com/
  • WebCrawler: http://www.webcrawler.com/

All-In-One Pages

  • All-In-One: http://www.albany.net/allinone/
  • CUSI: http://pubweb.nexor.co.uk/public/cusi/cusi.html
  • Find-It!: http://www.iTools.com/find-it/find-it.html
  • Search.com: http://www.search.com/

Meta-Search Engines

  • Fusion: http://lorca.compapp.dcu.ie/fusion/
  • Highway61: http://www.highway61.com/
  • Inference Find! http://m5.inference.com/ifind/
  • Mamma: http://www.mamma.com/
  • Metacrawler: http://www.metacrawler.com/
  • Profusion: http://www.designlab.ukans.edu/profusion/
  • SavvySearch: http://williams.cs.colostate.edu:1969/
  • (http://williams.cs.colostate.edu:1969/)

Alta Vista (http://www.altavista.digital.com/)

Select and Display the Results

Lycos - The catalog of the Internet (http://www.lycos.com) The "new" Lycos indexes over 90% of the web!
Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com) (Enter a multiple keywords)
WebCrawler (http://webcrawler.com/WebCrawler/WebQuery.html) Search WWW document content
InfoSeek (http://www.infoseek.com) (Type your search in plain English or key words and phrases)
Open Text Index (http://www.opentext.com:8080/)
CityScape Global On-line Directory (http://www.gold.net/gold/search2.html)
CUI World Wide Web Catalog (http://cuiwww.unige.ch/cgi-bin/w3catalog)
Ecola's Tech Directory (http://www.ecola.com/techcorp/) Search for Web sites of technology corporations
Excite NetSearch (http://www.excite.com) Database of over 1 million Web pages
Excite NetReviews (http://www.excite.com/Subject/c-index.h.html) Editorialized review of various Web sites
Galaxy (http://galaxy.tradewave.com/galaxy.html) Search for WWW, Gopher, and Telnet sites
Harvest Broker (http://town.hall.org/Harvest/brokers/www-home-pages/query.html) WAIS-based search of WWW Home Pages
InfoSeek Guide (http://guide.infoseek.com/) The new interface to Infoseek (WWW Page search only)
Inktomi Search Engine (http://inktomi.berkeley.edu/query.html) (Enter up to 10 keywords separated by spaces)
IWeb URL Review Database (http://sparta.lcs.mit.edu/iweb/welcome.html)
JumpCity (http://www.jumpcity.com) Database of Web Site reviews
JumpStation (http://js.stir.ac.uk/jsbin/jsii) (Choose search type)

Linkstar (http://www.linkstar.com/)
Magellan: McKinley's Internet Directory (http://www.mckinley.com) Over 30,000 reviewed, rated, and indexed Web pages.
Mesch (http://www.ip.net/cgi-bin/mesch) Multi-WAIS Engine for Searching Commercial Hosts
MetaCrawler (http://metacrawler.cs.washington.edu:8080/) Multi-Threaded Web Search of 6 major sites
Mother-of-All BBS (http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~mcbryan/bb/summary.html) (WAIS client/gateway required)
NetMall (http://www.ais.net/netmall/search_entry.html) Directory of Internet-based businesses (Enter single search word)
New Riders' Official WWW Yellow Pages (http://www.mcp.com/nrp/wwwyp/)
NlightN (http://www.nlightn.com/) Keyword search numerous sources (choose source)
NorthStar (http://comics.scs.unr.edu:7000/top.html) Search WWW document headers
Point Top 5% Index (http://www.pointcom.com/) Search reviews of the Top 5% web sites
RBSE's URL Database (http://rbse.jsc.nasa.gov/eichmann/urlsearch.html) Search WWW document full text
SavvySearch (http://guaraldi.cs.colostate.edu:2000/) Simultaneous search of almost 20 Internet engines
Spry Internet Wizard (http://www.spry.com/wizard/index.html)
Starting Point (http://www.stpt.com/) MetaSearch Page
Tribal Voice (http://www.tribal.com/search.htm) Internet Trailblazer Search
Tupilak - NSTN URL Miner (http://moose.nstn.ca/cgi-bin/cgifind.pl)
Wandex (http://www.netgen.com/cgi/wandex) net.Genesis Wanderer Index
What's New Too! (http://newtoo.manifest.com/) Search new web announcements -- over 700 a day
Who's Who on the Internet (http://web.city.ac.uk/citylive/pages.html) Directory of personal home pages
WWW Worm (http://www.cs.colorado.edu/home/mcbryan/WWWW.html) (Choose search options)

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