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47 When has Kool-Aid been featured in the Media?


This article is from the Kool-Aid FAQ, by Paul and Bess Dawson-Schmidt dawsons@visi.com with numerous contributions by others.

47 When has Kool-Aid been featured in the Media?

Recently, Kool-Aid has received much attention from the media, mainly due
to the hair dying craze. Here is a brief list of appearances the
Kool-Aid has made in the media (this list is surely incomplete).

Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about the Kool-Aid Man:
KOOL-AID Man, originally known as the Pitcher Man crashed onto the
scene in 1975.
KOOL-AID Man traditionally wears a rainbow-striped shirt, jeans and
sneakers. But his wardrobe varies according to the occasion. For
example, he wears:
An open Hawaiian print shirt with a bathing suit and flip flops on
Island Twists flavors
Khaki walking shorts and hiking boots on Mega Mountain Twists
Army fatigues and boots on packages sold on military bases
Skis, earmuffs, goggles and mittens on new KOOL-AID KOOL-POPS and
A parka and snowboots for new frozen KOOL-AID SLUSHIES
The famed frosted KOOL-AID pitcher has been part of the company since
1954. Three different messages appeared in the frosted pitcher ads
that summer:
One had 5=A2 drawn in the frost
Another had a heart and an arrow and
One had the smiling face that has endured until today.
Much thought went into the location of the handle on the KOOL-AID
pitcher. It was finally decided to place the handle on the right
side so that right-handers (which make up 90 percent of kids) would
be able to see the smile on the pitcher while pouring.
KOOL-AID has distributed more than 3 million plastic pitchers to
consumers since 1963. In addition, more than 1 million plastic
pitchers were handed out in supermarkets in April, 1998!

1969 These links show Kool-Aid commercials by screen shots featuring:
The Monkees and Bugs Bunny:
The Monkees:

1980's: 2 commercials were made for Kool-Aid by an internet graphics
company called, Celefex: http://www.celefex.com/
Here are the links to see a screen shot slide show of both of them:

January, 1996: Article entitled "Never too old to be a Kool-Aid kid"
appears in a 'Zine called "Avalanche". (The article is available online
at The Kool-Aid Web Archive).

April 17, 1996: A Canada Newswire article appears about a charitable
project called "Kool-Aid for Kids" (available on-line via the Kool-Aid
web archive).

July, 1996: Article entitled "Kool-Aid Goes to Kids heads" appears in the
Wall Street Journal. It also appears in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald on
July 24. It is written by Yumiko Ono, and is available on line at the
Kool-Aid Web Archive.

July-August 1996: Not to be outdone, CBS News and the Fort Lauderdale
Sun-Sentinel both interview Matt Mankins, (Creator of the Hey Kool-Aid
Page) for stories about Kool-Aid hair dying. Data about when these
stories appeared is incomplete.

September 16, 1996: A mini-article entitled "Dye-namite fun" appears in
Maclean's Magazine, on page 15. (The article is about kool hair-dye).

October 1, 1996: An interview with Rob Buisson, Keeper of the Kool-Aid FAQ
at that time, is featured on page 65 of "Internet Underground". It is in
the October 1996 issue (Issue #11). The FAQ, the newsgroup and of course
Kool-Aid are discussed.

ShadZ (shadz@rocketmail.com) found this about Kool-Aid in an Archie Comic:
IN: Betty #46 (Feb 1997)
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
TITLE: To Dye For
WRITER: Bill Golliher
ARTISTS: Stan Goldberg & Mike Esposito

PLOT: Veronica is showing off her expensive new hair-do. Betty is bummed
because she can't afford to do anything new with her hair, until a
12-year-old skateboarder shares the secret of dying hair with Kool-Aid
(referred to in the story as "Cool Juice"). Betty wows everyone at a
party with her new pink hair (thanks to Radical Raccoon Rootin' Tootin'
Raspberry flavor Cool Juice), but Jughead can smell her secret... (I'd
better stop there before I give away the ending :-) )

May 22, 1998 (Reuters press release): Kool-Aid is declared Nebraska's
official state drink to recognize the fact that it was invented in the
state 61 years before.

August 1998 (exact date unknown): An upcoming article on Kool-Aid Days
(see the next section of the FAQ) that may or may not include part of
an interview with Paul Dawson-Schmidt, Keeper of the Kool-Aid FAQ.

If you know of any other media stories about Kool-Aid, please e-mail
Paul Dawson-Schmidt with the details (dawsons@augsburg.edu or


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