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42 Where else do they sell Kool-Aid? (Kool-Aid around the world)


This article is from the Kool-Aid FAQ, by Paul and Bess Dawson-Schmidt dawsons@visi.com with numerous contributions by others.

42 Where else do they sell Kool-Aid? (Kool-Aid around the world)

This is a hard question to answer. Research in this area is ongoing.
Naturally, it is available in the US and Canada. Ron Gregory has
acquired a single serving packet from somewhere in the Middle East.
It has Arabic writing (maybe) on it, but the origin is unknown. It
is also available in Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, The Philippines,
Russia, and Japan, where packets are naturally printed in different
languages, and in some cases, have different flavors then are
available in North America.

The following is an excerpt from a brochure Ron Gregory got from Kraft:
The Kraft General Foods Inc. (KGFI) international markets are

Middle East and Africa:

Best selling products across the area include Tang powdered beverage,
Kraft cheddar cheese in the famous "blue can," cream cheese spread,
mayonnaise, Maxwell House coffee, Jell-O desserts and Vitalite

Our largest area markets are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates,
Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain, with aggressive development
plans to expand sales in Egypt, Algeria and Morocco.


KGFI's Asia/Pacific region, headquartered in Hong Kong, includes
countries in varying stages of development: from westernized
Australia and New Zealand, and highly industrialized Japan and South
Korea, to such emerging economies as those of India, Thailand,
Indonesia and the People's Republic of China....

Our present operations are most extensive in Australia, Japan, South
Korea and the Philippines. Although coffee and cheese are our key
categories in the region, the product portfolio varies markedly from
country to country.

In the Philippines, we have a commanding position in the cheese
market and are strongly represented in the powdered beverage
category, with our Tang and Kool-Aid brands.

[tiny photo of "Kool-Aid Juicers Strawberry Drink Mix" all in English.
very colorful picture of strawberries as background. Of course there
are two Tang items... a packet and a jar :-(]

Kool-Aid was only mentioned in the Philippines section...


Here are the French versions of Kool-Aid flavors. They are not
necessarily literal translations, but are the names as they appear on
the packets, in Canada.

English Translation  French
Cherry               Cerise
Orange               Orange
Lemon-Lime           Citron-Limette
Strawberry           Fraise
Tropical Punch       Punch Tropical
Lemonade             Limonade
Grape                Raisin
Incrediberry         Magicolore
Pink Swimmingo       Flambant Rose
Purplesaurus Rex     MauvoSaurus Rex
Rock-a-dile Red      Rock-o-dile Rouge
Sharkleberry Fin     Requin' Drole
Orange-Pineapple     Orange-Ananas
Mango-Berry          Baies-Mangue
Kiwi-Lime            Kiwi-Limette
Strawberry-Kiwi      Fraise-Kiwi
Berry Blue           Baies Bleu
Scary Black Berry    Cerise Noire Terrifiant
Eerie Orange         Orange Hantee
Apple                Pomme
Rainbow Punch        Punch Arc-en-ciel

Mexican: Gary Boltralik (BOLTRALG@aepco.com)

Mexican flavor     English Translation
Cola               Cola
Fresa              Strawberry
Frutas             Fruit
Frutas Tropical    Tropical Fruit (Tropical Punch)
Naranja            Orange
Pina               Pineapple
Uva                Grape

RUSSIA: Gary Boltralik (BOLTRALG@aepco.com)

Kraft made six flavors that were printed in dual language, English-Russian
packs. They come only sugar sweetened, are about 13cm X 13cm and make 1
liter(not the usual 2L or 2 Quarts). I got a English-Russian dictionary
and tried my hand at a translation of the Cyrillic language. There
really isn't a one to one match of characters since the Russian language
has 33 characters. The best you can do is to give somewhat of an English
phonetic interpretation of what the Russian characters sound like. I
compared my translation to one Matt Coon did and they are similar enough
that I feel the translation is close. Of course an exact translation
from a native Russian speaker would be best, however, since I don't have
that, here are the Russian flavors with translation.

English         Russian
Strawberry      Klubinka
Orange          Apelsin
Raspberry       Malina
Cherry          Vishnya
Tropical Punch  Tropicheskiye Fruktui
Lemonade        Limon   (actually lemonade translates just a little
                        different as Limon means Lemon not Lemonade)

Note: The 'i' in the above words is pronounced like ee in see.

Venezuela: Lynn Weigard

Venezuela   English Translation
Cereza      Cherry
Fresa       Strawberry
Kolita      Cola Champagne
Tropical    Tropical Punch
Uva         Grape

"Kolita" is a kid's flavor--like a cola, but brilliant red.

Brazil: Gary Boltralik

I now have a set of five Brazilian Kool-Aids. I don't know if there are
more than five flavors, but the person shopping for me bought everyone
sold. The packets are all sugar sweetened, make 1 liter and are in
Portuguese. Gee, another language I don't know. After quite a bit of
browsing all the Portuguese dictionaries I could find both on the
Internet and local library, I am ready to take a stab at translation.
The flavors are as follows:

Brazil            English Translation
Laranja           Orange
Morango           Strawberry
Uva               Grape
Guarana           OK, this isn't a fruit flavor. I finally found out that
                  this is a Brazilian plant. A Spanish dictionary listed 
                  it as a "refreshing drink" made from the seeds of the
                  plant. I guess it would be like a Mexican Cola or a
                  Rootbeer in that its a "plant" flavor rather than fruit.
Frutas Vermelhas  The Tropical Punch equivalent. Frutas means Fruit (duh).
		  Now Vermelhas, well, it is an adjective that describes
                  something as red. It doesn't necessarily mean something
		  is the color red. Kind of like China having a Red Army.
		  The Army itself is not the color red but it is called
		  red. That's how Vermelhas describes Frutas, literally
		  as Red Fruit. So it could be viewed as Punch, anybody's
		  guess really.

The packs have Ki-Suco Wacky as there title instead of Kool-Aid.

In Portuguese Kool-Aid is called Ki-Suco.
As you may know, "suco" is "juice".
"Ki" has the same sound of "que", in Portuguese. This means it's
something like "what a" in English.
The translation of "Que suco!" would be something like,
"What a juice!"
- Paula Casellato Carnasciali (humberto@nhi.lead.org.br)

The Philippines: (From the Kool-Aid Koolectors Home Page)

Flavors: Cherry, Grape, Great Bluedini, Lemonade Sparkle,
Orange, Orange Enerjooz, Pineapple, Pink Swimmingo,
Strawberry, Tropical Punch, perhaps others.

Notes: Pouches are constructed of something similar to Mylar and bare
surprising resemblance to soggy North American coffee packages. No
full-package mix instructions are listed, but the bag claims to
make approximately 11 200ml (6.4 fl. oz) servings on an as-needed
basis. Filipino Kool-Aid, contains real juice...news that will
perhaps come as a mild disappointment to the true Kool-Aid
aficionado. Equally disheartening, Filipino Kool-Aid contains a
stunning array of 17 "essential vitamins and minerals"...especially,
my bags seem to note, beta carotene. The Orange tastes a bit too
suspiciously like Tang, a drink that does serious business in the

Pouch backs feature puzzles or games. Shown, right, the complex maze
on the back of the pouch of Great Bluedini, Kool-Aid Juicer. The
following inspiring text appears to the top right of the maze:
"This is Kool! Hey! Meet the new Kool-Aid Magic. Yo check this out.
Color changes quick. New Kool-Aid...Great Bluedini, Super Fruity
Blue, Yummy-yummy Kool! Kool-Aid Great Bluedini. Yo It's Kool."
Sigh, maybe I really am too old for this stuff.

There are two known sweetened pouch designs:
* Early: Packets feature roughly rendered designs that are at times
equivalent to the US Super-Fruity (SF) and Pre-Super-Fruity (PSF)
design series. Filipino pouches features some new designs and/or
color schemes.
* Late (Current): Photographic-styled pouches show Kool-Aid,
bountifully pouring forth from fresh fruit into a small fountain

Columbian Packet Profile: (From the Kool-Aid Koolectors Page)

(Known) Flavors: Strawberry(Fresa), Orange (Naranja).

Notes: A small number of packets that somehow made it to the store
shelves of Michigan are all that there is to show here for Columbian
Kool-Aid. The bilingual Spanish and English packets are composed
of stiff, glossy, unfoiled paper and were produced in Columbia by
Columbina General Foods S.A. Because of the older-style GF logo on
the packets, we suspect they date back to 1983.

Kool-Aid in Great Britain: Keri Rains

Thanks to Keri, who supplied us with the location of England's
underground supply of "black market" Kool-Aid...

I am American, but I'm studying in Manchester, England this year. No one
here knows what Kool-Aid even is, let alone where I could buy some, so
my mom has been mailing some to me every week. However, when browsing
through Affleck's Palace (a big building with stalls where they sell
stuff, like a market sort of thing), I found a guy who was selling
individual packets for 50p, which is about 75 American cents! It is
robbery, but the guy has to have friends in the US mail him the Kool-Aid
every month, so the costs are bound to be high.

According to our newsgroup friends in Great Britain...Affleck's Palace
is no longer a place you can buy Kool-Aid. (mid 1998)

Sweden: Mats Fjellner (d94-mfj@nada.kth.se)

Kool-Aid is not sold in Stores in Sweden, but a dealer from the United
States sends "all the Kool-Aid that they need". Mats Fjelner and his
friends celebrate Kool-Aid periodically (about once a month) by holding
a festival, known as the "Lappis Kool-Aid Festival". They have been
holding this festival since 1995. The Festival is named after the area
of Sweden where it is held.

Norway: Cato Hognestad Jensen (catjense@sn.no)

I know that you can get Kool-Aid from the NATO store here in Stavanger,
but they aren't allowed to give any or sell any. If they do, they can
get deported from Norway. A kid last year got a fin on 120 US Dollars
for doing it, and his dad a NATO person got put on probation for 1 year,
if anything like that happens again they will get deported.

Japan: Lynn Wiegard (prex@golden.net)

Kool-Aid has started a Trial run in Japan. If you have anymore info on
the Japanese sale of Kool-Aid, please inform Paul Dawson-Schmidt
(dawsons@visi.com), or post to alt.drinks.kool-aid.

If you have friends in other countries, ask them if they sell Kool-Aid
where they live.

Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about where Kool-Aid sales:
From its earliest days, KOOL-AID has been available in Latin America.
KOOL-AID began printing a Spanish version of its label shortly after
launching the product. KOOL-AID is also available in Canada, the
Caribbean, and Asia.
Based on per capita sales, KOOL-AID is most popular in Memphis,
Tennessee. The other top five cities are (in order) Little Rock,
St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Jacksonville, Florida. (all in US)
Today, one glass of KOOL-AID - which cost less than a penny a glass
back in 1927 - is still a bargain, costing less than a nickel a
glass and beating the rate of inflation since 1947!
KOOL-AID is certainly an All-American favorite. So it's no surprise
that more KOOL-AID is sold the week right before and the week after
the 4th of July than any other period during the year.
More than 563 million gallons of KOOL-AID are consumed each year,
with more than 225 million gallons in the summer. In other words,
17 gallons of KOOL-AID are consumed every second during the summer
If all the envelopes of KOOL-AID sold in a year were laid end-to-end,
they would stretch 58,524 miles, which would wrap around the Earth's
equator twice - or between Los Angeles and New York more than 20


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