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04 How do you prepare Kool-Aid?


This article is from the Kool-Aid FAQ, by Paul and Bess Dawson-Schmidt dawsons@visi.com with numerous contributions by others.

04 How do you prepare Kool-Aid?

This section is devoted to the technique involved in mixing up our
favorite beverage. Send in your method and I'll stick it in.

A. First, I grab one of those empty two quart ocean spray cranberry
juice bottle (or any other kind with that shape). Then I dump in
the Kool stuff, then the sugar, then put in water (I recommend
Reverse Osmosis water, because it doesn't add any nasty flavor to
the perfection of Kool-Aid) almost to the top. Then I do a little
shaky dance until it's bubbly at the top, and pop it in the fridge.
Or, if I'm really thirsty, I just chug that warm Kool-Aid out of
the bottle. mmmmmmmmmmmm, good.

B. I make Kool-Aid in the sacred traditions of my ancestors. First I
get my one gallon jug (ocean spray), then I add about two cups of
sugar (never measure, always estimate) next I fill the bottle two
thirds of the way full. After replacing the lid I shake the bottle
until all of the sugar is dissolved. Then I remove the lid and add
Kool-Aid, one packet at a time. You may want to add more sugar at
this point. If you are up for a very special treat, add a teaspoon
of salt....yes salt. Salt makes the flavor more intense. Let it sit
for one hour, and enjoy.....and hey, if you squint it looks purple.
-Peter White

C. 1. Start with a pitcher that still has the last droplets of your
last batch of Kool-Aid. (If you are not in possession of said
pitcher then put a tiny bit of water into your dry pitcher
before you continue)
2. Add the Kool-Aid powder
3. Add the sugar
4. Fill the pitcher 1/3 of the way full with *warm* water. (Yes
this means you might wanna stick it into the fridge prior to
drinking, but were talking just tap water warm, not hot)
5. Stir, shake, etc to mix up the sugar, Kool-Aid powder and
6. Then add the rest of the water (preferably as cold and pure
(ie: not from the tap) as possible).
7. [optional:] Place in fridge to cool
8. Chug away...
-by Andy

D. Here is the way I make Kool-Aid,
-One plastic Happy Face Pitcher
-two-thirds cup of sugar
-one packet of the Kool-Aid (flavor of choice)
*Add the Kool-Aid and the sugar, and shake it like you were sauteing
it. Mixing the Flavor and the sugar equally.
*Then add a little bit of Hot tap water to make a syrupy mixture.
*Fill with icy cold water and Ice cubes, just to above the eyebrows.
As you pour it to drink the ice gets stuck in the spout and the
Kool-Aid trickles out around it making it nice and chilled.
-Jennifer, Ruler of Rex

E. I'm now in my mid-40's but when I was a kid (back in the 50's), my
dad always made the Kool-Aid in our house. 1For many years I didn't
know why Kool-Aid at any of my friends houses always tasted so bland
and different. I had always helped him make it, but I was probably
around 10 years old before I finally asked my him why ours tasted so
different. I'd never noticed before that we weren't making it
according to the package directions. It's funny, but I've never run
across anyone since either that made it like we did. But I think
anyone who tries it may NEVER go back to the original method. So
here it is: "Frank B. Anderson's Secret Kool-Aid Recipe."

Take whatever 2-qt contain you usually use to make your Kool-Aid,
and whatever flavor of unsweetened Kool-Aid you prefer. (If you do
use a pre-sweetened version, you should be able to figure out how to
substitute.) Start by adding 4 Cups of tepid to warm water into
your container. Then, add your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid to your
regular amount of sugar (we always used 1 Cup) and mix (this keeps
the Kool-Aid from clumping). Slowly pour the mixture into the
container of water while stirring, and/or shake well until at least
most of the sugar is dissolved.

Now for the secret ingredient!!

Add 2 Cups of your favorite brand of Ginger Ale (if you like Diet
Ginger Ale, that's fine too). NOTE: do not start with the ginger
ale because adding the sugar mix to it will foam up and possibly

Then, fill the container to the 2 qt. level with ice and refrigerate
at least an hour before serving. If you're in a rush, here's what
we used to do. Instead of topping off the container with ice, fill
your glasses with ice and pour the Kool-Aid mix over the ice as is.

Note: the only flavors I didn't like as well with this recipe was
the old Root Beer flavor (long since discontinued) and any of the
Lemonade flavors. But feel free to experiment, you may like it.

Additional Note: As an "Adult Drink" my dad also used to substitute
1 Cup of Water with a cup of Gin. His favorite flavors for this was
either Cherry or Lemon-Lime. But remember too, this was back in the
50's and early 60's before many of the newer flavors existed, so
again feel free to experiment here too. I Hope everyone Enjoys this
recipe as much as I have almost my entire life!!
-Robert B. Anderson

F. I use a 1-gallon jug. Upon drinking the last bit of skim milk,
*immediately* rinse the jug three times, filling it 1/3 full with
water each time, shaking it, and then dumping it. By this time
the water from the tap should be sufficiently cold. Fill the jug
1/3 full a fourth time, but do not dump. Instead, insert a small
funnel in the top. Into the funnel pour the contents of exactly
two packets of Kool-Aid, any flavor(s). Follow that with 1-1/2
cups of granulated white sucrose. Then fill each empty packet with
water three times and pour that into the funnel. Pour a little
more water through the funnel until no more color is present in
the funnel. Remove the funnel and place it in a handy location
for next time. Cap off the jug and shake it vigorously until
everything is thoroughly dissolved. Open it. If both KA packets
were Lemonade or Lemon-Lime, add a swish of lemon juice at this
point. Now, fill the jug almost to the top with water, cap, and
shake just a bit more. Pour into 32oz cup over ice; put the jug
containing the rest of it in the fridge. Drink.
-Jonadab's Way

G. CLUPMS! I for one, hate em'. Even though they go away with time,
here's my immediate solution:
1. Start with half water in the container
2. Add all your sugar next
3. then add your Kool-Aid
Doing it like this coats the bottom and sides with the sugar. This
keeps the Kool-Aid powder from clumping on the bottom.
-Donovan (donovan@misslink.net)


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