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0.4 What changes have been made to this FAQ?


This article is from the Dr. Pepper FAQ, by Christopher Flaherty with numerous contributions by others.

0.4 What changes have been made to this FAQ?

The chronology of this particular FAQ's development is as follows:

November 8, 1997 -- Version 0.001: First preliminary version;
questions only. Did not include answers. Not distributed.

June 2, 1998 -- Version 0.002: Included answers to questions as well
as a chart listing 38 DP clones. Not distributed.

June 15, 1998 -- Version 0.003: Eliminated chart/list of DP clones.
Expanded and renumbered questions and answers. Not distributed.

June 28, 1998 -- Version 0.004: Included personal comment about book
availability in my hometown. Limited distribution through email for
proofreading and corrections. First HTML version created.

June 30, 1998 -- Version 0.005: Corrected number of flavors in answer
to question 2.2. HTML publication only.

July 2, 1998 -- Version 1.00: First plain-text version created.
First submission to alt.fan.dr-pepper, alt.answers, and news.answers

July 7, 1998 -- Version 1.01: Added information about Houston
Collector's Club (question 3.6) and ingredients in UK Dr Pepper
(question 2.2).

August 6, 1998 -- Version 1.02: FAQ approved for posting to
alt.answers and news.answers newsgroups. Specified posting frequency
in question b. Modified question 1.3 and one other question ("Who
started the prune juice rumor?" - eliminated in version 2.00) to
address the "love story" rumor.

September 27, 1998 -- Version 1.03: Added two more sites to question

September 29, 1998 -- Version 1.04: Corrected stock symbol for Cadbury
Schweppes (question 3.3). Not distributed.

October 2, 1998 -- Version 1.1: Added new question about the Beatles
(question 1.5) and rearranged the others.

October 12, 1998 -- Version 1.11: Added another site to question 2.4
and META tags to HTML version.

October 28, 1998 -- Version 1.12: Added ingredients of Australian and
Canadian versions of Dr Pepper (question 2.2).

November 7, 1998 -- Version 1.13: Added list of "mirror sites" to
question b. Corrected name and address of source of Canadian
ingredients (question 2.2). Added information about year of origin
and distribution of Mr. Pibb (question 2.4).

November 14, 1998 -- Version 1.14: Added information about Yahoo! link
(question b); updated URL of Mr. Pibb site, updated name of Wouldn't
you like to be a Pepper too... site (formerly known as Impostors,
Pretenders, and Frauds), and added information about new Yahoo!
category (all question 2.4).

January 31, 1999 -- Version 2.00: Added ingredients for Diet Dr Pepper
to question 2.2. Eliminated the question "Who started the prune juice
rumor?" Added international distribution information to question 3.3.
Added information about eBay to questions 3.5 and 3.6.

February 20, 1999 -- Version 2.01: Added more information about
flavors and changed one email address in question 2.2. Added more
information about Hot Dr Pepper to question 2.3. HTML publication

February 23, 1999 -- Version 2.02: Added facts about Cooking With Dr
Pepper to question 3.7.

March 4, 1999 -- Version 2.03: Added more information about Cooking
With Dr Pepper to question 3.7. Added more contact information to
question 3.8.

April 4, 1999 -- Version 2.04: Added information about catalogue from
Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas (question 3.5). Added information
about potential new clone from Coca-Cola (questions 2.4 & 3.3) and
corrected release year of Mr. Pibb (question 2.4). Added note about
25-case limit on sales of cane sugar Dr Pepper (question 2.6).
Revised book information and availability in question 3.7.

April 22, 1999 -- Version 2.05: Added information about caffeine
content to question 2.2. Revised addresses in questions 2.6 and 3.4.
Added soda jerk lingo to question 3.2. Added toll-free Museum number
to question 3.5.

May 2, 1999 -- Version 2.06: Corrected bad HTML code in first link to
question 1.5. HTML version only.

June 12, 1999 -- Version 2.1: Added 3 more "mirror" sites to question
b. Added information about Straight Dope Online article to question
e. Corrected bad HTML code in question 2.5. Added new question about
caffeine-free Dr Pepper (question 2.7) and rearranged the others.
Negligible change to question 3.7.

July 9, 1999 -- Version 2.11: Added extra disclaimers to question e.
Added more flavor information to question 2.2. Added three more
"clone" sites to question 2.4. Changed wording of question 2.7 to
match its wording in the list of questions, and made small grammatical
correction in question 2.7's answer.

August 23, 1999 -- Version 2.12: Added info about prune juice rumor to
question 2.1. Reformatted part of question 2.2. Added 6 more "clone"
sites and information about dmoz.org to question 2.4. Added phone
number for Bottling company to question 2.6. Added fax numbers for
museums to question 3.4.

November 13, 1999 -- Version 2.2: Slight changes to descriptions of
versions 1.02 and 2.00 in question d. Added new question about the
JFK Assassination (question 1.6) and reformatted the others. Added
publishing information to question 3.2. Slight HTML correction in
question 3.8. Tiny revisions to questions 2.4 and 3.7.

February 12, 2000 -- Version 2.21: Slight change to question b (re:
Yahoo! link). Added info about web site stats to question e.
Modified question 1.6 for clarity. Added notice of Bill Kloster's
death to question 2.2. Added links to two new clone sites; updated
information about potential Coca-Cola knock-off, total number of
clones, and link to Dr Kenton's Generic Dr Peppers, all in question

April 6, 2000 -- Version 2.3: Moved question f from the big list to
the prologue. Added more stats about Bill Kloster to question 2.2.
Corrected population status of New York City (it is indeed "the
largest city in the United States") in question 2.7.

July 8, 2000 -- Version 2.31: Expanded original name of 7-Up in
question 1.2. Revised info for ordering caffeine-free Dr Pepper in
question 2.7. Revised contact info for Cookbook in question 3.7.
Added more contact information to question 3.8.

January 9, 2001 -- Version 2.32: Added more mirror sites to question
b. Added additional web site mentions and revised web site stats in
question e. Added more info about prune juice rumor to question 2.1.
Changed address and email contact info for Caffeine FAQ and added more
ingredient and caffeine info in question 2.2. Revised clone site info
and added another site in question 2.4. Added new location for cane
sugar availability to question 2.6. Slight revision in question 2.7.

January 16, 2001 -- Version 2.33: Added another location and made
correction to question 2.6.

February 4, 2001 -- Version 2.34: Made dates in the FAQ Y2K compatible
(better late than never). Revised information about the town Dr
Pepper, Texas, in question 1.4. Revised history of Mr. Pibb, added
new Pibb site, changed web addresses for Wouldn't you like to be a
Pepper too . . ., Not Quite What The Doctor Ordered, The Dr Pepper
"Clone" Page, Dr Kenton's Generic Dr Peppers, and The Van Gogh-Goghs'
page, removed Generic Dr Pepper Clones, and revised info for The
Authoritative Doctor Soda Page in question 2.4. Added annotation to
question 3.3. Changed URL for Dr Pepper Museum catalogue in question
3.5. Revised web site info in question 3.6. Not distributed.

February 20, 2001 -- Version 2.4: Revised name and web address of the
Dublin Dr Pepper Plant/Old Doc's Soda Shop throughout entire document.
Added another mirror site to question b. Added Dr Pepper/Seven Up,
Inc. as a source in question c. Added more information to question
2.1. Added info for ordering cane sugar Dr Pepper on-line to question
2.6. Added more information about caffeine-free Dr Pepper
availability to question 2.7. Revised average amount of items
available on eBay, and name of its site in questions 3.5 & 3.6.
Revised web site info again in question 3.6. Revised contact
information in question 3.8. Not distributed.

March 9, 2001 -- Version 2.41: Slight grammar correction in question
2.6. Added more information about caffeine-free Dr Pepper to question
2.7. Added more information about ordering Cooking With Dr Pepper to
question 3.7.

May 11, 2001 -- Version 2.42: Added information about cane sugar Dr
Pepper availability at Love & War in Texas to question 2.6.

July 23, 2001 -- Version 2.43: Revised web site stats in question e.
Added ingredients for Dietetic Dr Pepper, and information about
cyclamates, saccharin, and phenylketonurics to question 2.2. Revised
web site address for ordering cane sugar Dr Pepper in question 2.6.

January 22, 2002 -- Version 2.44: Corrected bad HTML in question d.
Changed source for "love story" rumor in question 1.3.

April 23, 2002 -- Version 2.45: Added "Site du Jour of the Day"
citation and updated web site stats in question e. Added Urban
Legends Reference Pages info to question 2.1. Added more
caffeine-free DP availability info to question 2.7. Updated web
address for contacting Dr Pepper company in question 3.8.

July 23, 2002 -- Version 2.46: Updated web address for Waco Dr Pepper
Museum's catalogue in question 3.5.

October 22, 2002 -- Version 3.00: Changed numbering system of
questions, organizing them into three categories (four, if you count
the questions about the FAQ itself), as opposed to one big list.
Revised questions to reflect new numbers. Modified descriptions of
versions 2.00 and 2.3 in question d. Added questions 1.7 ("What's the
connection between the MLK assassination and Dr Pepper?"), 1.8 ("Did
Dr Pepper put out a can with a patriotic scene of the Empire State
Building that left out 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance?"),
and 2.8 ("What's this 'Red Fusion' drink I've heard about?"). Added
Urban Legends Reference Pages web site to text of question 2.1.
Updated saccharin info in question 2.2.

December 2, 2002 -- Version 3.01: Added Austin Chronicle citation and
Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Co. Museum note to question e. Rewrote
answer to question 1.3 to incorporate new info about Wade Morrison.
Added William F. Pepper's degree to question 1.7. Updated contact
information for museums in question 3.4. Updated info in question

March 9, 2003 -- Version 3.10: Updated question number in
texascooking.com citation in question e. Added link to picture of can
in question 1.8. Added more info about prune juice rumor to question
2.1. Added more information about eBay "alliance" to question 3.5.
Updated information about Cooking With Dr Pepper, including new
address for cookbooks, in question 3.7. Updated contact information
for Dr Pepper corporation in question 3.8.

May 6, 2003 -- Version 3.20: Updated info about imitation sites in
question 2.4.

August 11, 2003 -- Version 3.30: Corrected date for invention of
Moxie, and added and revised creation dates for other sodas in
question 1.2. Added question 1.9 ("What's the connection between
Hillary Clinton and Dr Pepper?"). Added two more locations where you
can find cane sugar Dr Pepper to question 2.6. Revised info about
eBay "alliance" in question 3.5.

February 12, 2004 -- Version 3.40: Added question 1.10 ("Who are some
other celebrities who like Dr Pepper?"). Correction to question 2.4
in HTML version.


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