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Frequently Asked Questions about PEZ candy and PEZ dispensers

This FAQ is an attempt to provide general information and answer some of the more frequently asked questions about PEZ Candy and PEZ Candy Dispensers.

The information contained in this FAQ came from PEZ CANDY, INC., and fellow PEZ enthusiasts around the world. The facts are true to the best of my knowledge.

Questions, comments, suggestions, and corrections should be mailed to sharpe@dg-rtp.dg.com. Please try to include the source of your information. See question [8-8] for ways to obtain the latest version of this FAQ.

Thanks and enjoy!
Chris Sharpe


This list is not supported, distributed, or sanctioned by PEZ Candy, Inc. Even though some of this information came from PEZ Candy, Inc., they are in no way responsible for the truth or falsehood of any of this information. In fact, some of the information obtained from PEZ Candy was found to be false.

I make no claims or guarantees that the information contained in this document is the definitive truth. The information has been obtained from various sources and is true to the best of my knowledge.

PEZ is a registered trademark of PEZ Candy, Inc.

This document is Copyright (c) 1997 by Chris Sharpe. It may be freely distributed as long as no fee is charged and provided the author's name and all notices and disclaimers remain intact.

-1-1 What does PEZ stand for?
-1-2 Who invented PEZ?
-1-3 How long has PEZ been around?
-1-4 Tell me more about the history of PEZ.
-1-5 What is a "Pezhead"?
-1-6 What do MIB, MOC, MOMC, and NF mean?
-1-7 In what countries are PEZ available?
-2-1 Can I buy products directly from the PEZ factory?
-2-2 Can I have a tour of the PEZ Candy factory?
-2-3 Who owns PEZ Candy, Inc.?
-2-4 Can I buy stock in PEZ?
-2-5 Where is the company located?
-2-6 Tell more about the history of the company.
-2-7 Is PEZ Candy, Inc. on the Internet?
-3-1 Where can I buy Cherry flavor PEZ?
-3-2 What new flavors are coming out next?
-3-3 What's in PEZ Candy?
-3-4 Is PEZ Candy good for you?
-3-5 What flavors are available?
-3-6 Are there any sugar-free flavors?
-3-7 Where is PEZ Candy made?
-3-8 What flavors have been discontinued?
-3-9 What are Kosher PEZ?
-4-1 Where can I find PEZ dispensers and Candy refills?
-4-2 I saw an Elvis Presley PEZ dispenser in the movie "The Client". Where can I buy one? How about Pee Wee Herman, Spock, Michael Jackson, Hitler, Barbie, and the Sta-Puff marshmallow man?
-4-3 Where can I buy a "Bride" and "Groom" dispenser?
-4-4 What new dispensers are coming out next?
-4-5 How many PEZ dispensers are currently available?
-4-6 Is there a canonical list of PEZ dispensers?
-4-7 Where are PEZ Candy dispensers made?
-4-8 Can anybody explain Titus, Brutus, and the Pez-a-Saurs?
-4-9 What are the different trucks?
-4-10 Where can I buy old PEZ dispensers?
-4-11 Should I open the packages or leave them in the bag and on the card?
-4-12 How can I compare my PEZ collection to others?
-4-13 Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is which?
-4-14 What is the highest price ever paid for a single PEZ dispenser?
-4-15 What is a Power PEZ Dispenser?
-4-16 How will I ever collect all these variations?
-4-17 How old is a particular dispenser?
-4-18 What does it mean for a dispenser to be "with feet" or "without feet"?
-4-19 Is my black Batman worth $75-125 as listed in Geary's book?
-4-20 What is the most popular dispenser?
-4-21 What does the "DBP" mark mean on some dispensers?
-4-22 My dispenser says "Made in Jugoslavia". Is that a misprint?
-4-23 Which one's Tom and which one's Tuffy?
-4-24 I have a defective dispenser (from the factory). Is it worth anything?
-4-25 What is the best way to clean my PEZ dispensers?
-4-26 How should I display my dispensers?
-4-27 How many different Coach Whistles are there?
-4-28 Where can I buy feet to help my older dispensers stand up better?
-4-29 How can I get a BubbleMan dispenser?
-4-30 What is the tallest dispenser? widest?
-4-31 What does "Club Med Face" mean?
-4-32 What does it mean to say "with plastic/metal spring"?
-4-33 What does it mean to say "with plastic/metal hinge pin"?
-4-34 What does it mean to say "without pin"?
-4-35 I'd like a PEZ dispenser of xxxxx. Where can I get one made?
-4-36 I've noticed some of my dispensers have this tab protruding from the back of the neck. What is it?
-4-37 What does it mean to say a dispenser is "die-cut"?
-4-38 What are all the color combinations of xxxxx?
-4-39 What does the digit on the side of the dispenser mean? What are IMC's?
-6-1 Are there any other PEZ items that I can buy?
-6-2 Where can I find the PEZ collectibles mentioned in question [6-1]?
-6-3 I've heard of a Teddy Bear that dispenses PEZ. Does it exist?
-6-4 What are the PEZ Body Parts?
-6-5 Aren't there some other PEZ trucks? A bank?
-6-6 What are "Sea World PEZ" or "Shamu PEZ" items?
-6-7 What are the different inserts available?
-7-1 How do I make a PEZ gun?
-7-2 Personalized Heart Dispensers
-7-3 PEZ Wallpaper for your computer
-7-4 Shipping Overseas
-7-5 How can I remove PEZ from the card without damaging the card?
-7-6 PEZ Collectors Database
-7-7 PEZ Icons
-8-1 Can I write to the company? What will they send me?
-8-2 How can I contact other collectors? Are there any PEZ conventions?
-8-3 Are there any books on PEZ?
-8-4 Where can I find these books?
-8-5 What's in these books anyway?
-8-6 Are there any WWW sites for PEZ?
-8-7 Is there a newsgroup or mailing list for PEZ?
-8-8 How can I get the latest copy of this FAQ?
-8-9 Has there been any newspaper or magazine articles about PEZ?
-8-10 Where can I find these newsletters I've heard about?
-9 Acknowledgments

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