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30 Libertarian Organizations: Publications


This article is from the Libertarian FAQ, by Joe Dehn jwd3@dehnbase.fidonet.org, Robert Bickford rab.AT.daft.com, Mike Huben mhuben@world.std.com and Advocates for Self-Government http://www.self-gov.org/ with numerous contributions by others.

30 Libertarian Organizations: Publications

Access To Energy
PO Box 1250
Cave Junction, OR 97523
A Pro-Science, Pro-Technology, Pro-Free Enterprise Monthly

American Enterprise
1150 17th St. NW
Washington, DC 20036
(No more information at present time.)

PO Box 2084
Norristown, PA 19404
Bimonthly publication against government serial numbers.
$5/year (cash only).

PO Box 1105
Radio City Station
New York, NY 10101
Bills itself as a "journal of aesthetics." Newsletter style.
Previous issues have included critical discussions of Rand's
theory of art. $20/yr (6 issues).

PO Box Box 94332
Seattle, WA 98124-6632
An aesthetics magazine written by Objectivists.

Ballot Access News
PO Box 470296
San Francisco, CA 94147
Email: ban.AT.igc.apc.org
Web Page: http://www.ballot-access.org/index.html
Newsletter of the struggle to end official USA government
discrimination against alternate political parties. Extensive
reporting on legal cases, party statuses, etc. $11/yr (12

400 N. High St. #137
Columbus, OH 43215
Email: phobia.AT.bronze.coil.com
Monthly newsletter for those interested in individual liberty
and the philosophy behind politics. $10/yr.

Critical Review
P.O. Box 1254, Dept. W
Danbury, CT 06813
Email: critrev.AT.aol.com
A 160-page interdisciplinary quarterly that devotes special
attention to the nature, politics, and history of capitalism
and the modern state, especially to help evaluate their effects
on human well-being.
Subscriptions: $15 students, $29 individuals, $35 foreign
surface mail, $50 foreign air.

Ethnic Enterprise News
16 Warren Lane
London SE18 6BW
United Kingdom
A bi-monthly review concerned with ethnic groups and the market

The Exchange
711 15th St SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
North America's Libertarian Culture Magazine. Sample issues $5.

EXTROPY: The Journal of Transhumanist Thought
Extropy Institute
13428 Maxella Avenue, #273
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Email: exi-info.AT.extropy.org
Web Page: http://extropy.com/
"Extropy Institute acts as a networking and information center
for those seeking to foster our continuing evolutionary advance
by using technology to extend healthy life, augment
intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems."

The Freethinker
G.W. Foote & Company
702 Holloway Road
London N19 3NL
United Kingdom
Britain's oldest freethinking monthly journal. A forthright
secular view of the world. Further details from

Full Context
1175-D Kirts Blvd.
Troy, MI 48084
Email: editor.AT.fullcontext.org
Web Page: http://www.fullcontext.org/
Contains interviews of prominent libertarians, book and movie
reviews, letters and notes of interest. $25/yr (10 issues).

12400 Ventura Blvd., Suite 304
Studio City, CA 91604
(No more information at present time.)

Living Free
PO Box 29F
Hiler Branch
Buffalo, NY 14223
Newsletter promotes self-liberation. $8/6 issues.

Liberty Magazine
PO Box 1181
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Web Page: http://www.LibertySoft.com/liberty/
Liberty magazine has about 9,000 paid subscribers and sells
about 4,000 copies per issue on newsstands (the best-seller on
newsstands, according to them, of all libertarian periodicals).
Bimonthly review of libertarian and classical liberal thought,
culture and politics; contributors include major libertarian
movement figures.

Libertarian Party NEWS
P.O. Box 3391
Gainesville, GA 30503
Email: 71610.3614.AT.compuserve.com
Official newspaper of the Libertarian Party of the United

New Humanist
Rationalist Press Association
14 Lamb's Conduit Passage
London WC1R 4RH
United Kingdom
Quarterly journal of the Rationalist Press Association.

3023 N. Clark St., Suite 238
Chicago, IL 60657
Web Page: http://www.bomis.com/objectivity
Objectivist-leaning philosophy journal. $18/6 issues.

PO Box 392
Forest Grove, PA 18922
(No more information at present time.)

The Reality Check
34518 Warren, Suite 152
Westland, MI 48185

Reason Papers
Tibor R. Machan
Department of Philosophy
Auburn University
AL 36849
A libertarian-run philosophy journal. $15/issue.

224 2nd St. SE
Washington, DC 20003
(No more information at present time.)

SALON: A Journal of Aesthetics
305 West Magnolia, Ste. 386
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(No more information at present time.)

Taking Children Seriously (TCS)
23 Whitley Road
London N17 6RJ
United Kingdom
+81 808 3200
One of the only libertarian magazines worldwide that focuses on
issues affecting children. It provides a forum for discussing
ideas challenging traditional wisdom about how children learn
and how they should be treated.

The Voluntaryist
PO BOX 1275
Gramling, SC 29348
Web Page: http://members.aol.com/vlntryst/
"Voluntaryists are advocates of non-political strategies to
achieve a free society. We reject electoral politics, in theory
and in practice, as incompatible with libertarian principles."
Bimonthly publication explores non-political strategies for
achieving liberty.


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