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27. Miscellaneous.


This article is from the Feminism References FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore tittle@netcom.com with numerous contributions by others.

27. Miscellaneous.

"Women on the Verge of an Athletic Showdown" in _Science News_, Jan
11, 1992, Vol 141, No. 2, p 141.
Female track athletes are improving their performances at faster
rates than men and, if the trend continues, should be running
marathons as fast as men by 1998, says Brian J. Whipp, a
physiologist at the University of California, Lost Angeles. He and
UCLA co-worker Susan A. Ward predict that women will catch up with
men in most track events by early next century.

Adrian, M.J.: _Sports Women_. Medicine and Sport Science Vol. 24
Interesting essays ranging from physiology to Ancient Greece.

Chopin, Kate, _The Awakening_. Capricorn Books. 1964. Garrett Press,
Inc., New York, 1970. Norton, New York, 1976. Women's Press, London 1979.

Cixous, Helene and Catharine Clement. _The Newly Born Woman_.
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. 1986. (Published in French
in 1975).

Dyer, K.F.: _Catching up the Men -- Women in Sport_. Junction Books (UK),
1982. ISBN 086245-075-X.
This book debunks a lot of myths about female inferiority and
fragility by careful investigation and documentation, another
must read.

Ehrenreich, Barbara and Deirdre English, "For Her Own Good: 150
Years of the Experts' Advice to Women", New York: Anchor
Press/Doubleday, 1978.

Kramarae and Treichler: _A Feminist Dictionary_. 1985.
Defines many things from a feminist's point of view. Includes
a good deal of history, figures in the movement, etc.

Lenskij, Helen: _Out of Bounds: Women, Sport and Sexuality_. Women's
Press, Toronto, 1986. ISBN 0-88961-105-X.
Very powerful book about the 20th century changes in how female
sexuality, gender roles, and the waves of female athleticism have
been perceived, and about how these factors influence each other.
A must read.

Mangan/Park (Eds.): _From Fair Sex to Feminism_. Frank Cass & Company Lim.
1987. ISBN 0-7146-4049-2.

Marine, Gene: _A Male Guide to Women's Liberation_. 1972.

Sabo/Runfola (Eds.): _Jock -- Sports & Male Identity_.
Spectrum/Prentice-Hall 1980. ISBN 0-13-510131-X.
This book also contains several essays on female identity and sports.

Steinem, Gloria. _Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions_.
_Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem_
This is a collection of articles and essays written by her that
was published sometime in the early 1980's. Some of them are a
result of her earlier career as a journalist. The articles cover
such things as:
* Her becoming a Playboy Bunny (seriously!) in the early 1960's.
* The presidential campaigns of 1968 and 1972.
* "If Men Could Menstruate", a satirical piece in the vein of
"If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament".
* What present-day anti-abortionists have in common with Nazi Germany.

Tuana, Nancy, ed. _Rereading the Canon_. Series. Penn State Press.
This new series will consist of edited collections of essays, some
original and some previously published, offering feminist
reinterpretations of the writings of major figures in the Western
philosophical tradition. Each volume will contain essays covering
the full range of a single philosopher's thought and representing
the diversity of approaches now being used by feminist critics.
The series will begin with a volume on Plato; other early volumes
will focus on Aristotle, Locke, Marx, Wittgenstein, de Beauvoir,
Foucault, and Derrida. Inquiries should be directed to Nancy
Tuana, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Texas at
Dallas, Box 830688, Richardson, TX 75083-0688.

Tuttle, Lisa: _Encyclopedia of Feminism_. 1986.

Velden, Lee van der & James H. Humphrey: Psychology and sociology of sport,
vol. 1. AMS Press Inc., NY 1986. ISBN 0-404-63401-X.

Woolf, Virginia. _Three Guineas_. 1938. Extensively reprinted.
Written 50 years ago and sadly still very relevant.

Woolf, Virginia. _A Room of One's Own_. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New
York. 1981, c1957.

Winterson, Jeanette. _Oranges are not the only fruit_. Pandora Press
(Unwin Hyman Limited, 15-17 Broadwick SAtreet, London). 1987.


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