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18. Public Policies Regarding Women.


This article is from the Feminism References FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore tittle@netcom.com with numerous contributions by others.

18. Public Policies Regarding Women.

Abramovitz, Mimi. _Regulating the Lives of Women. Social Welfare Policy
from Colonial Times to the Present_.
An analysis of the impact of US social welfare policy, documents
how the family ethic has been translated into punitive welfare
approaches toward women

Baldock, Cora V., and Bettina Cass, eds. _Women, Social Welfare, and the
State in Australia_. Allen & Unwin, Sydney and Boston. 1983.

Dahl, Tove Stang. _Women's Law: An Introduction to Feminist
Jurisprudence_. Oxford University Press. 1987.
Proposal for a "women's law" by Norwegian sociologist of law.

Diamond, Irene, ed. _Families, Politics, and Public Policy_. New
York. Longman. 1983.

Enloe, Cynthia. _Bananas, Beaches and Bases_.
A radical analysis of international politics revealing the crucial
role of women in implementing government foreign policies. It
deals with several problems, one of which is prostitution especially
in asia, and also with regard to US military bases.

Freeman, Michael D.A. . _The State, the Law, and the Family: Critical
Perspectives_. Tavistock Publications, New York. 1984.
A collection of articles, many British, on the interrelationship
between the family, the state and patriarchy.

Glendon, Mary Ann. _Abortion and Divorce in Western Law_. Harvard
University Press, Cambridge MA. 1987.
Overview and analysis of abortion and divorce laws in several
western countries.

Gordon, Linda, ed. _Women, the State, and Welfare_. University of
Wisconsin Press. 1990.
Collection on women and the welfare state. Includes articles by
Elizabeth Schneider on rights, and Frances Fox Piven.

Hernes, Helga Maria. _Welfare State and Woman Power: Essays in State
Feminism_. Scandinavian Library series. Norwegian University Press,
Oxford. Distributed by Oxford University Press. 1987.
Critique of the patriarchal nature of the Scandinavian welfare state.

Mason, Mary Ann. _The Equality Trap_. Simon & Schuster, New York.
Discusses how the push for equality laws has actually been to the
detriment of women, particularly in the area of family law. The
author is a lawyer.

Mueller, Carol M., ed. _The Politics of the Gender Gap: The Social
Construction of Political Influence_. SAGE Publications, Newbury
Park, CA. 1988.

Ruggie, Mary. _The State and Working Women: A Comparative Study of
Britain and Sweden_. Princeton University Press. 1984.

Pateman, Carole. _The Sexual Contract_. Stanford University
Press. 1988.
The meaning of the social "contract" for women.

Pateman, Carole. _The Disorder of Women: Democracy, Feminism
and Political Theory_. Stanford University Press. 1989.
A discussion of women's role in the rise of democratic theory.
The meaning of consent.

Paul, Ellen Frankel. _Equity and Gender: the Comparable Worth Debate_.
Begins by explaining how comparable worth -- or pay equity imposed
by law -- is a full frontal assault on the free market by those
who scoff at the market's ability to provide justice, and argues
that the free market, not the state, is the better ally of

Petchesky, Rosalind. _Abortion: A Woman's Choice_. 1990.
Excellent study of abortion politics in America. Examines the
patriarchal and capitalist roots underlying the abortion
controversy, as well as (in 1990 edition) the meaning of the
rights discourse for women. Re-imagining "rights."

Tribe, Laurence H. _Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes_. W.W. Norton,
New York, London. 1990. ISBN: 0-393-30699-2.
Tribe is a professor of constitutional law and brings this
expertise to his evaluation of the constitutional question of
abortion. Besides drawing a sympathetically balanced view of the
two extremes, he shows what that consequences for the constitution
would be upon defining a fetus as a "person." Excellent and very
readable, unlike many constitutional analyses of any sort.

Sassoon, Anne Showstack, ed. _Women and the State_. Unwin Hyman,
Winchester, MA. 1988.
An international collection of articles on women and the welfare

Stetson, Dorothy McBride. _Women's Rights in the USA. Policy Debates
and Gender Roles_. Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, Pacific Grove, CA.
1991. ISBN: 0-534-14898-0.
The author examines the hottest current topics in the US that
relate to women, and how the mjor controversies and policies
affect gender roles and being female in this country.

Wilson, Elizabeth. _Women and the Welfare State_. Tavistock
Publications, London. 1977.


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