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16. Pornography.


This article is from the Feminism References FAQ, by Cindy Tittle Moore tittle@netcom.com with numerous contributions by others.

16. Pornography.

"Dealing With Pornography in Academia: Report on a Grassroots
Action", CMU Computer Science Graduate Students and Staff.
unpublished, 1989.

Baird, Robert M. and Stuart E. Rosenbaum, eds. _Pornography: Private
Right or Public Menace?_. Prometheus Books.
A wide and relatively unbiased collection of positions on
pornography. Chapters are devoted to feminist, religious, and
Libertarian perspectives. Some familiar names in the book:
Brownmiller, Dworkin, and Steinem, as well as excerpts from the
two US commission reports.

Ben-Veniste, Richard. "Pornography and Sex Crime -- the Danish
Experience." In Vol. 8, USCOP [U.S. Commision on Obscenity and
Pornography] Technical Report, 1970.

Califia, Pat. "Among Us, Against Us: The New Puritans," in _The
Advocate_ (4/17/80, 14-18); reprinted in _Caught Looking_ (recently
reprinted) Also. "See No Evil: The Anti-Porn Movement," in _The
Advocate_ (9/3/85, 35-39); and "The Obscene, Disgusting and Vile Meese
Commission Report," in _The Advocate_ (10/14/86, 42-46, 108-109).
Challenges to the well-known feminist anti-pornographic
and anti-sex stance.

Downs, Donald Alexander. _The New Politics of Pornography_.
University of Chicago Press, Chicago. 1989. ISBN 0226161625.
Explores the contemporary antipornography movement, documents the
weaknesses of both absolutist sides of the conflict.

Dworkin, Andrea. _Woman Hating_. Dutton, New York, 1974.

Dworkin, Andrea. _Intercourse_. Free Press, New York, 1987.

Dworkin, Andrea. _Pornography: Men Possessing Women_. Dutton, New
York, 1989.

Griffin, Susan. _Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her_. Harper
and Row, New York, 1980.
She contends that There are similarities between the ways men in
patriarchal cultures treat "women" & "nature" and alienate
themselves from both.

Griffin, Susan. _Pornography and Silence: Culture's Revenge Against
Nature_. Harper Colophon Books, New York, 1982.

Kuhn, Annette. _Women's Pictures: Feminism and Cinema_. Routledge &
K. Paul, London and Boston, 1982.
She feels that soft core pornography is more harmful to societal
views on women than is hard core porn (hard core meaning "straight
sex" films and not bondage/S&M/rape films).

Kutchinksy, Berl. "Towards an Explanation of the Decrease in
Registered Sex Crimes in Copenhagen." In USCOP "Technical Review",
Vol 8., 1970.

Kutchinksy, Berl. "Pornography and Its Effects in Denmark and the
United States: A Rejoinder and Beyond." "Comparitive Social Research:
An Annual. Vol. 8. Greenwich Conn.:JAI Press, 1985.

Stoltenberg, John. _Refusing to be a Man: Essays on Sex and Justice_.
Breitenbush Books, Portland, OR. 1989.
Stoltenberg speaks to the issues of woman-hating (as a function of
training from childhood) and pornography. He is persuasive,
succinct, and he succeeds in clearing up a lot of confusion in
these areas. Probably the most effective presentation I've seen
in a very long time. Biological determinism is laid to waste.


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