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0. What's alt.shenanigans all about?


This article is from the Shenanigans FAQ, by Michael Moncur altshen@REMOVETHIS-starlingtech.com with numerous contributions by others.

0. What's alt.shenanigans all about?

This newsgroup is for discussing shenanigans - our word for harmless
practical jokes. Generally, the following types of discussion are
found here:

- Descriptions of shenanigans that have been pulled off
- Questions about technical details of proposed shenanigans
- Requests for ideas for a particular situation
- Requests for help with a planned shenanigan
- Information and discussion about other shenanigan-related resources

Before posting to the newsgroup, be sure to read this FAQ. Also keep
the following in mind:

- If you're asking for ideas, give us some specifics. Don't just ask
for "ideas for a shen at school". Give us some information so that
we can help. Also, be creative - come up with a few ideas. Don't
just expect everyone else to come up with ideas for you.

- If your posting doesn't describe a shenanigan (or an idea for one)
it is traditional to include an ObShen - or Obligatory
Shenanigan. This is a brief shenanigan description or idea at the
end of your message. These generally make your message more
enjoyable for those of us who are interested in shenanigans.

- Try to avoid crossposting. Shenanigan-related messages are rarely
appropriate in other groups. Also check the newsgroups when you
are replying, and trim them if necessary.

- Use an informative subject line, such as "What can I do with
400,000 plastic fruits?" or "Need ideas for bar mitzvah shen". This
will help other readers decide whether to read your message.


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