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This article is from the Firesign Theatre FAQ, by Niles D. Ritter ritter@earthlink.net with numerous contributions by others. The Bozobook

Source: Yale Catalog:
Author: Firesign Theatre (Performing group)
Title: Bozobook : or, clam calendar & book of ours : excerpts from
the notebooks of the Firesign Theatre, volume '71.
Published: Isla Vista, Calif. : Turkey Press, 1981.
Description: [48] p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Notes: Paper wrappers.

  LOCATION:              CALL NUMBER:               STATUS:
  SML, Stacks, LC        PS3556 I73 B6              

Joe LoCicero writes further:

So how many people have ever heard of the Bozobook? I have it sitting
right here in front of me... and it says:

400 copies were letterpressed in the Spring of 1981 from a
variety of hand-set types and found art. Twenty-six copies
have been hardbound, lettered A-Z, and signed by The Fire-
sign Theatre. Design, printing, and binding by Harry and
CA 93317. This project was supported, in part, by a grant
from the National Endowment for the Arts, our federal
agency, in Washington, D.C.

It also says:

Material in this book is from THE NOTEBOOKS OF THE FIRESIGN
THEATRE, August 1970-August 1971, the original scripts and
research for the album, I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus.

It is presented as part of The Firesign Theatre's 15th Birth-
day Celebration, and on the 10th anniversary of the release
of the "Bozos" album.

Edited for The Firesign Theatre by David Ossman, in asso-
ciation with Harry Reese and Turkey Press, March 1981.

Your 'OUR 12 CENTERFOLD' could be a page from the produc-
tion script of "Bozos," xeroxed for this edition, or an origi-
nal mimeographed page from one of several version of the
script to the ABC Films production of Zachariah by Joe Mas-
sot and The Firesign Theatre. The apoca[l]ypse papers

Andrey Yeatts found this at the Univ. of Arizona:

CALL # PZ2001.F523 A6
LOCATIONS Special Coll

AUTHOR Firesign Theatre (Performing Group)
TITLE The apoca[l]ypse papers : a fiction.
SERIES Famous science fiction chapbook series ; v. 1.
PUBLISHER Topeka, Kan. : Apocalypse Press, 1976.
SUBJECTS Science fiction.
NOTE "This is book no. 267 in a series of 500 unsigned copies."
Includes bibliographical references.
DESCRIPTION [32] p. : ill. ; 22 cm. --


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