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Firesign Theatre Lexicon [P]


This article is from the Firesign Theatre: Lexicon FAQ, by Niles D. Ritter ritter@earthlink.net with numerous contributions by others.

Firesign Theatre Lexicon [P]

PAPOON: An FT character who ran for {PRESIDENT}. He's {NOT INSANE}!

PARK: "Park and Lock it! Not Responsible" A common yell in FT plays.
{PICO} and {ALVARADO} yell it a lot. According to the {BBOP} book,
when Peter {BERGMAN} was young, he and a kid named Bruce Berger
opened up a parking lot one night in an empty lot across from an
Emporium show in the Midwest. As Peter put it, "We made $50 wearing
Cleveland Indians baseball caps, yelling, "*Park and Lock It! Not

PHENOMENA: Look's like you've got your phenomena scrambled. See

PICO: {ALVARADO}'s friend, as in "It's Pico and Alvarado". Another
street in Los Angeles.They are also historical references: Pico and
Alvarado were the last two Mexican governors of Alta California.
There really is an intersection at Pico Blvd, and Alvarado, which used
to boast, among other things, a decent Salvadoran restaurant. Much of
the area was burned to the ground during the recent Disturbances...
(let's just call them, the {PHENOMENA} :-)

PICKLES: Lots of pickles in FT. {ROCKY ROCOCO} is always carrying
some around in a brown paper bag, and often wears Pickle on a Rope
perfume. "Pickles down the rat-hole!", says {HEMLOCK STONES}. On
the old "Dear Friends" shows they used to have a squeeky pickle that
you could hear every so often.

PIG NITE: A fraternity party tradition: The idea
is that you have a party and that each fraternity brother is supposed
bring the ugliest girl he can find. The one with the ugliest girl
gets some sort of prize. That is Pig Nite. Attended by {NICK DANGER}.

PIZZA: Nick's Swell Pizza has a phone number very similar to
{NICK DANGER}'s, when George {TIREBITER} tried to order one. On
{TWO PLACES} we also hear:

SCHNIFTER: Das ist immer alles Aulung und ist rauch mit and potzen
Volkswagen und niemann stint und "Swell Pizza!!"

Nick also fools {ROCOCO} in {YOLKS} by pretending to be a pizza
delivery boy.

PLAYER: Another {EVERYMAN}, in the record "Eat or Be Eaten", who, like
{BABE}, has his adventures in a car.

POOH: Winnie the Pooh has influenced a number of FT lines. For example,
Tom Teslacle says "It goes in and out like anything," which is a
misquote of Eeyore (see {TESLACLE'S DEVIANT}) In addition, the FT
would sometimes read directly from the Books of Pooh for each
other's birthdays.

POOH STICKS: How the FT guys referred to the yarrow stalks used
to throw the {I CHING}. Gary Fritz writes of the origin of this
term from {POOH}:

Pooh Bear tripped while carrying a fir cone over a bridge, and noticed
that it eventually came out the other side. Then, being ever the
scientist, he dropped two, to see if one came out before the other --
and one did! This was then developed into a game where Pooh, Piglet,
Christopher Robin, and the rest of the crew would drop sticks in the
water and see whose came out first. And they called the game

POOP: A character in many FT plays, who gives speeches with numerous
spoonerisms and Freudian slips, eg. "In the words of the Foundry, er..
Founder, Ukaipa Heep,". Appears as Principal Poop in {DWARF}.

PORRIDGE BIRD: A (mythical?) bird which lays its {EGG}s in the air.

PORGIE: Porgie {TIREBITER}. One of George Leroy {TIREBITER}'s many
personas. Apparently motivated by Archie & Jughead, and by the old
"Henry Aldrich" radio shows. The old radio show always started out:

MOTHER: Henry! Henry Aldrich!
HENRY: Coming, Mother!

PRESIDENT: A popular ride in the {FUTURE FAIR}. You get to ask a
question of the computer-operated President, and get a free simulfax
copy of your question, together with his answer. {CLEM} broke the
President by asking him about {PORRIDGE BIRD}s.

...{PAPOON} also ran for President!

PROCTOR: Philip Proctor, one of the FT members. Plays the {POOP},
among many.


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