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4.2 Suggested Reading List from the MEDIEV-L mailing list


This article is from the soc.history.medieval FAQ, by Stephan Schulz schulz@informatik.tu-muenchen.de with numerous contributions by others.

4.2 Suggested Reading List from the MEDIEV-L mailing list

The following list of influential works on medieval history was
collected on the MEDIEV-L mailing list. Readers were asked for
suggestions, entries which recieved multiple suggestions have the
number of votes recorded right after the title. I have slightly
reformatted the list to make it more readable and to give it a more
uniform look.

Aries, Philippe:
"Centuries of Childhood"
Barraclough, Geoffrey:
"The Medieval Papacy"
Barraclough, Geoffrey:
"The Origins of Modern Germany"
Bloch, Marc:
"Feudal Society" (5)
Bloch, Marc:
"Royal Touch"
Boswell, John:
"Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality"
Braudel, Ferdinand:
"Structures of Everyday Life"
Brentano, Robert:
"Rome Before Avignon"
Brown, Peter:
"World of Late Antiquity" (2)
Brown, Peter:
"The Cult of the Saints"
Brown, Peter:
"Augustine of Hippo" (2)
Brunner, Otto:
"Land and Lordship" (2)
Burckhardt, Jacob:
"The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy"
Bynum, Caroline Walker:
"Holy Feast and Holy Fast" (3)
Campbell, James:
"The Anglo-Saxons"
Carruthers, Mary:
"The Book of Memory"
Cheney, C.R.:
" Hubert Walter"
Cohn, Norman:
"The Pursuit of the Millenium"
de Beauvoir, Simone:
"The Second Sex."
Douglas, David:
"William the Conqueror (2)"
Duby, Georges:
"La societe aux XIe et XIIe siecles dans la region maconnaise"
Duby, Georges:
"Warrior and Peasants" (2)
Fawtier, Robert:
"The Capetian Kings of France."
Ganshof, Francois:
Geary, Patrick:
"Before France and Germany"
Gilson, Etienne:
"Reason and Revelation in the Middle Ages"
Grundmann, Herbert:
"Religiose Bewegungen im Mittelalter" (2)
Hanawalt, Barbara:
"The Ties That Bound: Peasant Families in Medieval England "
Haskins, Charles Homer:
"The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century" (3)
Herlihy, David and Christiane Klapisch-Zuber:
"Tuscans and Their Families"
Hilton, R.H. and T.H. Fagan:
"The English Rising of 1381"
Hodges, Richard and David Whitehouse:
"Mohammed, Charlemagne, and the Origin of Europe."
Huizinga, Johan:
"The Waning of the Middle Ages" (3)
Kantorowicz, Ernst:
"Frederick II" (3)
Kantorowitz, Ernst:
"The Kings Two Bodies" (3)
Keen, Maurice:
Kelly, Amy:
"Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings"
Kern, Fritz:
"Kingship and Law in the Middle Ages"
Knowles, David:
"The Monastic Order in England"
Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel:
"Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error" (2)
Leclercq, Jean:
"Love of Learning and the Desire for God" (2)
LeGoff, Jacques:
"Time , Work and Culture in the Middle Ages"
Lewis, C.S.:
"The Allegory of Love"
Leyser, Karl:
"Medieval Germany and its Neighbours"
Lopez, Robert:
"The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages"
Lord, Albert:
"The Singer of Tales"
Lovejoy, A. O.:
"The Great Chain of Being"
McFarlane, K. B.:
"The Nobility of Later Medieval England"
Mollat, Guillaume:
"The Popes of Avignon"
Moore, R. I.:
"The Formation of a Persecuting Society"
Nelson, Janet:
"Charles the Bald"
Ostrogorsky, George:
"History of the Byzantine State"
Painter, Sidney:
"William Marshall"
Perroy, Eduoard:
"The Hundred Years War"
Pirenne, Henri:
"Medieval Cities" (2)
Pirenne, Henri:
"Mohammad and Charlemagne" (2)
Raby, F. J. E.:
"Secular Latin Poetry"
Raby, F. J. E.:
"Christian Latin Poetry"
Riche, Pierre:
"Education and Culture in the Barbarian West"
Riche, Pierre:
"Daily Life in the Word of Charlemagne"
Runciman, Steven:
"History of the Crusades"
Skinner, Quentin:
"The Foundations of Modern Political Thought"
Southern, R. W.:
"Making of the Middle Ages" (6)
Southern, R. W.:
"Medieval Humanism"
Southern, R. W.:
"Saint Anselm: Portrait in a Landscape (2)"
Stenton, Frank:
"Anglo-Saxon England"
Straw, Carol:
"Gregory the Great: Perfection in Imperfection"
Strayer, Joseph:
"On the Medieval Origins of the Modern State"
Tellenbach, Gerd:
"Church, State and Christian Society" (2)
Tierney, Brian:
"Foundations of the Conciliar Theory"
Ullman, Walter:
"A History of Political Thought: The Middle Ages"
Ullman, Walter:
"A Shorter History of the Papacy"
Van Dam, Raymond:
"Leadership & Community in Late Antique Gaul"
Wallace-Hadrill, J. M.:
"The Long-Haired Kings" (2)
Warren, W.L.:
"Henry II"
White, Lynn:
"Medieval Technology and Social Change"


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