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1 What is the charter of this group? (soc.history.medieval)


This article is from the soc.history.medieval FAQ, by Stephan Schulz schulz@informatik.tu-muenchen.de with numerous contributions by others.

1 What is the charter of this group? (soc.history.medieval)

soc.history.medieval The historic period of the middle ages

soc.history.medieval is an unmoderated newsgroup for the discussion of
the historic period known as the Middle Ages. For the purposes of this
group, the term "Middle Ages" is interpreted broadly as the period of
European History ranging from the fall of the Western Roman Empire up
to the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the beginnings of European
overseas expansion. This corresponds roughly to the thousand years
from about 500 AD to 1500 AD. This broad interpretation is open for
revision if other newsgroups groups dealing e.g. with the Dark Ages or
the Renaissance are added.

It is expected that the geographical range of discussion will focus on
Europe and the Mediterranean. Discussion about European interaction
with other cultures is appropriate as well. Questions on the Crusades,
the Viking voyages to North America, the influence of Arabic
philosophy and science on Europe, the Mongol conquest of Russia,
etc. are welcome on the group, as well as for example the post-Roman
developments in Britain and France, the Byzantine Empire, the empire
of Charlemagne, the development of the Italian city states, the War of
the Roses, the 100 Years War, the Reconquista and so on.

Commercial posts and advertisements, except for short, non-hype
announcements of books and other media on the topic of Medieval
history, are not appropriate. Also, current politics as rooted in past
events are not an appropriate topic. For such topics use either
soc.history (which deals with all of history) or an appropriate
politics newsgroup. However, all factual posts on historic events in
the Middle Ages are welcome.

[Joe Bernstein asked to to clarify on the second paragraph of the
charter. The following is not part of the charter, but rather
explains what I tried to say with it:]

Some people seem to read the first sentence of the second paragraph
above as restricting discussion to European topics. This was not my
intention at all. I am a computer scientist, and a my native language
is not English, but German. Hence I try to use language rather
precisely, and usually take it at its face value. I did not mean to
say "...and you should better conform to this expectation here". Of
course I do not own the group, and the charter has to stand on
itself. However, as far as "original intend" is concerned,
soc.history.medieval should be open to topics from all over the world.


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