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33 Noontide Press (Holocaust: IHR)


This article is from the Holocaust FAQ, by Ken McVay kmcvay@nizkor.org with numerous contributions by others.

33 Noontide Press (Holocaust: IHR)

The publishing arm of the IHR and other related organisations,
Noontide Press, which can boast of such titles as "The Protocols of
the Learned Elders of Zion," "The six millions reconsidered" and
"Antizion," The treasurer of its holding company is Carto's wife
and until 1981 its firm office manager was one Lewis Brandon.

Noontide Press is owned by the Legion for Survival of Freedom,
which is the umbrella corporation under which the IHR itself operates.

Additional titles offered by Noontide press include these gems:

"Amendment to the Constitution" (Pace) - a proposal to restrict U.S.
citizenship to white people.

"Our Nordic Race" (Hoskins) - an "outline (of) present threats to
Nordic survival", complete with proposed measures to "protect and
preserve the Nordic race."

"The Testing of Negro Intelligence" (Osborne & McGurk) - the authors'
findings "give little comfort to egalitarians." Those findings are
based, of course, on "performance on intelligence tests from 1966-

"For Those Who Cannot Speak" (McLaughlin) - you may have guessed
that he's not talking about Holocaust victims. This book is a
"vigorous 'case for the defense' for National Socialist Germany."

"Hitler : the Unknown Artist" (Price) - "What a magnificent
production!", gushes the blurb. "The first comprehensive... catalog
of Hitler's paintings, drawings, sketches, doodles and daydreams."
Yes, folks, his daydreams.

And don't forget perennial favorites "Hitler at My Side" and "IQ and
Racial Differences".

Martinez mentions one more book published by Noontide Press, 'The Road
Back,' and notes that it has been used as a textbook for seminars
at the Aryan Nations. "It includes an illustrated chapter on methods
for mining roads and blowing up bridges."(Martinez, 241)

Mark Weber, writing in the East Bay Express (Get
pub/orgs/american/ihr/express.011792 for the complete Weber letter,
transcribed with permission for release on UseNet), claimed that
Noontide Press and the Institute for Historical Review were "entirely
independent" of the Liberty Lobby. This flew in the face of reality,
however, since the business license for both was filed by Carto's wife
Elisabeth, and Carto was listed on the letterhead of the IHR as
"founder." Carto's weekly, 'The Spotlight,' regularly promoted
Noontide Press as an integral part of the Liberty Lobby's
"Liberty Library." [Note: Following the ouster of Willis Carto
from the IHR in 1994, reportedly at gunpoint, Weber's assertion is
finally correct. knm]

Carto has apparently lost control of his Noontide Press
publishing arm, according to The Dignity Report, a publication of
the (Portland, Oregon) Coalition for Human Dignity's Research
Department. (Get pub/people/c/carto.willis/carto.005 for full details.)
This during the same period when Carto was successfully removed
from his controlling position at the Institute for Historical
Review. Legal maneuvers, however, continue - in October of
1995, Willis Carto filed a document with the Office of the
Secretary of State, Corporate Section, which outlined changes
to the Legion's charter, and signed the document as the
President of the Corporation. (URL ftp://ftp.nizkor.org/pub/
orgs/american/legion-for-survival-of-freedom/legal contains
legal filings of interest with regard to the legal battle
between Willis Carto and Greg Raven.)


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