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20. Are there other related groups or information sources?


This article is from the Stop Smoking FAQ, by 70424.57@compuserve.com with numerous contributions by others.

20. Are there other related groups or information sources?

There are now numerous resources available on the WWW dealing with every
aspect of tobacco use and addiction. In no particular order, some great
places to start:


You can chat in real time with AS3 folk at pretty much any hour of the day
or night, 365 days a year, thanks to the wonders of I(nternet) R(elay)
C(hat). Because these chats move around from time to time, it would be
impossible for me to keep the FAQ current with the correct channels, but
information on them appears regularly on the AS3 newsgroup. If there's no
post about IRC when you access the group, try looking in DejaNews
(www.dejanews.com). If that gets you nowhere, try asking the group where
the IRCs are - someone is sure to reply.

For complete information on IRCs generally, see


Very recently, the Usenet group alt.recovery.nicotine was formed. If you're
interested in the 12 Steps method of recovery, you may find this group
works very well in conjunction with AS3. Some information from the group's

Purpose: To provide a place for people to share their experience,
strength, and hope concerning recovery from addiction to nicotine. To
provide a forum for the submission of articles, stories, and inquiries
dealing with nicotine addiction and recovery.

Posts of the following types are expected:

* Questions concerning nicotine addiction and recovery.
* Announcements of conferences, gatherings, new meetings, etc.
* Experiences related to quitting the use of nicotine.
* Success stories from those who have quit.
* Concerns related to quitting.
* News from Nicotine Anonymous groups around the world.

For more information, contact the proponent of alt.recovery.nicotine: Bill
P. <peco@onramp.net>

This is just to get you started. Visit the AS3 WWW page for more links to
health, addiction, and related sites

THE MASTER ANTI-SMOKING PAGE - http://www.autonomy.com/smoke.htm
Remember, it's anti-smoking, not anti-smoker; don't get too worked up
about the name, just enjoy the resources. This page attempts to link to
every related site on the Internet and includes gopher sites and Usenet. It
also offers the Smoke No More Forum, for the interactive exchange of

THE NO SMOKE CAFE - http://www.clever.net/chrisco/nosmoke/cafe.html
A cool, smoke-free place to hang and chat.

TOBACCO BBS - NEWS AND RESOURCES - http://www.tobacco.org/
The granddaddy of hard-news information resources, garnered from the
media, medical journals, and other (fairly) respectable sources. Centred
mostly around U.S. news and politics, but trying to expand its geographic
focus. The place to look to keep up with the action in Washington, D.C.
Also contains excellent links.

More great links and news from places like the National Cancer
Institute; reports on studies of various quitting tools and methods; home
of a free discussion list, TOBACTALK: Sharing Ideas and News (see NicNet
page for a link to subscribe). Don't forget to see those once-secret
tobacco company documents!

In their concise words, "a [U.S.] national organization devoted solely
to the problems of smoking and to protecting nonsmokers' rights." Good
information on lobbying efforts in particular, and samples from their
bimonthly newsletter; but be aware, this is a lobbyist group, and they
require a contribution of $15US or more for much of their information.

Considering how much more spending power the tobacco lobbyists have,
you may decide it's worth contributing the savings of your first
unpurchased carton of cigarettes.

SMOKING FROM ALL SIDES - http://www.cs.brown.edu/people/lsh/smoking.html
Many more items on the side of ceasing tobacco use, than there are in
favour of using it. Smoking, dipping, etc. are becoming very difficult
practices to defend.

SELF-HELP PSYCHOLOGY MAGAZINE (formerly Practical Psychology Magazine) -
An online general psychology publication dedicated to the art of
living well - off the net. They carry various types of information and
services, which include a full department on Addictions (including
nicotine). Articles are posted monthly in an easily-read, "how-to" format.
Your feedback is strongly encouraged.

ALT.SUPPORT.STOP-SMOKING HOME PAGE - http://www.swen.uwaterloo.ca/~bpekilis/as3
The home page of "the friendliest group on the net." :)


NOSMOKE (formerly SMOKE-FREE) E-Mail List

NOSMOKE is an e-mail list, meaning, the discussion comes to your mailbox
rather than to a Usenet group, and is not presented in public as Usenet is.
NOSMOKE describes itself as "a support group for people recovering from
addiction to cigarettes. Anybody with an interest in quitting smoking or in
helping others quit smoking is encouraged to participate in the

Nosmoke is a very high volume list. Sometimes there are in excess of 100
posts per day. If this is not a problem for you, then just follow the
instructions here:


NOSMOKE now subscribes people on an individual basis rather than through an
automated listserv. To request a subscription, send e mail to the list
owners: Ro (Angel2@qualcomm.com) or Linda (lindam@earthlink.net).


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