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2. What is Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking?


This article is from the Stop Smoking FAQ, by 70424.57@compuserve.com with numerous contributions by others.

2. What is Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking?

Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking is a Usenet newsgroup - a public forum for
discussion of a particular topic - formed in the Spring of 1994 to support
those who have quit or are planning to quit smoking or using tobacco in
other forms (e.g., dipping). The group's creator, Bob Munzenrider, formed
AS3 under the 'alt.' hierarchy because it was the most expedient way to get
the group on the 'net. Anyone who gets something out of, and perhaps
contributes to, the group can consider themselves to be a member - there
are no forms to fill out, dues to pay, or hazing rituals. :) Some members
have years of smoke-free time behind them; others are just beginning to
think about quitting. No matter what stage you are in, your experiences and
thoughts will help someone, and someone else's will help you.

In our newsgroup we strive to respond to every initial post made by a
newcomer. Therefore, even if you are brand-new yourself, please jump right
in and help us meet that goal. You don't have to have 10 years of freedom
from smoking to tell someone who is having a bad craving, "Hang in there,
we are rooting for you!" In fact, the person with 3 smokeless days behind
her can be the best help to someone in their first hours of quitting; and
the one who's going through the first hours can help remind those with
months and years of smobriety behind them why they don't want to start
smoking again.

Venting one's frustrations is encouraged in this group, and you are
certainly welcome to pour your heart out. We do ask, however, that you keep
the flames (angry or testy replies) to a minimum. Usually, prefacing a
controversial or alternate opinion with "IMO" or "IMHO" ("in my [honest]
[humble] opinion"), or qualifying with "YMMV" ("your mileage may vary") or
"in my experience ..." will keep the fur from flying.

John Diedrichs (johnd@asiaonline.net.tw) offers some words of wisdom on the
topic of virtual communication [taken from a longer post on Usenetiquette]:

"Communicating without misunderstandings is hard enough when you're
standing face-to-face and speaking the same language. It's harder when
you're on the telephone. Here in Usenet, it's almost like two tin cans tied
together with a string. Add to that the linguistic and stylistic
differences that go with all the different flavors of English spoken by so
many around the world, and it makes for a very "interesting" form of

"And, since we cannot *hear* your voice over Usenet, it can help if you use
'emotional punctuations' like smileys :-) grins <g> winks ;-) and frowns
:-( in your writing. This helps to avoid misunderstandings.

"Happy quitting to all... and to all a good life!"


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