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7.4 The Psychiatric Survivors' Movement


This article is from the Bipolar Disorder FAQ, by barry@webveranda.com (Barry Campbell) with numerous contributions by others.

7.4 The Psychiatric Survivors' Movement

The following information was supplied by David Oaks (dendron@efn.org) of the
Support Coalition, and is abstracted from the Support Coalition FAQ:

Since the very origins of psychiatry, psychiatric survivors
have individually resisted human rights violations and
sought humane alternatives. In the past 25 years, however,
a small wave of diverse organized groups, networks,
publications, conferences have sprung up and connected
internationally. Sometimes called the "psychiatric
survivors liberation movement," or the "mental health
consumers movement," or even just "mad lib," you are near
a gateway reaching some of the most incredible examples of
sheer human survival.

The sisters and brothers in our movement survived lock-ups
and forced shock. Forced drugs and labels. Homelessness
and solitary confinement. And yet still they have
continued to resist, to remember the many killed by
psychiatry. We've continued to laugh, cry, rant -- but
never stay silent -- directly in the face of the 20th
century's most brutal high-tech attempts at mind control.

Support Coalition is an independent alliance of 30 of these
grassroots groups in the USA, Canada, Europe and New
Zealand. Several of Support Coalition's key leaders have
been front-line grassroots activists who have kept the
candle of struggle lit for over two decades. Dendron News
is Support Coalition's voice. Dendron is a "madness network
newspaper" that now reaches 15,000 people internationally.

"Dendrites" are our electronic human rights alerts, sent
out on the Internet intermittently. "Dendrite" is a free
one-way low- volume Internet mailing list. To subscribe
just e-mail to majordomo@efn.org with just these words in
the body of your message:

subscribe dendrite

"Dendron" is different because it's our hard-copy NEWSPAPER.

We have a web site! The URL is as follows:


There's also a free, anything-goes, for-fun mailing list on
"healing normality." You can join that by e-mailing
majordomo@efn.org with just these two words in the body of
your message:

subscribe healnorm


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