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0.00 Introduction


This article is from the Lyme Disease FAQ, by Milo7 with numerous contributions by others.

0.00 Introduction

Information in the Lyme disease FAQ, version 1.5, July 17, 2000, was
compiled by Milo7 (Milo7@aol.com), Art Doherty (doherty@utech.net), and
Jonathan R. Strong (jrs@StrongGroup.com), and was created on behalf of the
Lyme disease newsgroup: sci.med.diseases.lyme. Readers may redistribute or
quote this document for non-commercial purposes provided that they include:
an attribution to sci.med.diseases.lyme; the FAQ's version number; and the
website where this FAQ may be retrieved (see Section 0.03). For any other
use, please contact: Milo7 <milo7@aol.com>, Art Doherty <doherty@utech.net>,
or Jonathan Strong <jrs@StrongGroup.com>.

This document answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Lyme Disease
(LD). The newsgroup sci.med.diseases.lyme is intended for discussion about
many aspects of Lyme disease, as experienced by patients, their caregivers,
friends and family members, doctors and other medical professionals
involved with the illness. It is particularly helpful for those who wish to
learn about Lyme disease symptoms, treatment options, and prevention

Anyone with an interest in Lyme disease is free to post, as this newsgroup
is designed to foster dialogue between Lyme disease patients from all parts
of the world, and provide an open forum for the exchange of international
medical, scientific, and lay information. Constructive criticism and
on-topic debate, general understanding and support, are encouraged.

Topics discussed include:

* Questions regarding any aspect of Lyme disease
* Disease symptoms, presentations
* Current research findings
* Current treatments, both conventional and alternative
* Coping strategies
* Social and political issues regarding Lyme disease
* Insurance and disability issues regarding Lyme disease

Material PROHIBITED includes:

* Commercial advertisements
* Posting names of doctors (without their consent)
* Flames, spam, name-calling, discrimination, and abusive behavior


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