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Other Names:

Common anise

Latin Name:

Pimpinella anisum

The Romans used Anise to pay their taxes and in a cake called Mustaceum. In 1305 Ling Edward I levied an import tax on Anise. It was not cultivated in England until the middle of the 16th century. Anise was one of the ingredients used in Absinthe. Probably to try and cover up the taste of the Wormwood. Due to the deadly side effects of certain other ingredients, Absinthe was banned in most countries a long time ago.

Anise is native to Egypt and the Mediterranean region, and is cultivated in the U.S., Europe, India, Mexico, and Russia.

Stems: Spindly, round, grooved, and branched.

Flowers: The yellowish white flowers grow in compound umbel and have five petals, five stamens, and two styles. ( The neck like part of the pistil that joins the ovary to the stigma. )

Leaves: The lower leaves are round-cordate, coarsely toothed, and have long petioles, the middle leaves are pinnate, the upper leaves are incised into narrow lobes.

Fruit: The fruit ripens in August and is 1/8 inch long, downy, brown, flattened-ovate, with lengthwise ribs.

Height: To 2 feet.

Cultivation: Because it's long taproot makes Anise difficult to transplant it is best grown from seed. Anise seeds require a temperature of 70 F in order to germinate. Anise likes a weed free, wind sheltered area with light, well drained soil, in the full sun.

Anise is an aromatic herb belonging to the carrot family. The oil is used to dispel gas and flatulence and to flavor liqueurs. The seeds are used in herbal facial packs and to flavor bread and rolls. A few seeds dropped into a glass of hot milk can be taken for insomnia.

Dogs like Anise as much as cats like Catnip. Anise oil is used as the scent for hounds to follow in drag hunting and to scent the artificial hare for Greyhound races.

Anise is often used inside of 'Dream-pillows' to ensure sound sleep and prevent nightmares (use the seeds for this purpose).

Used for protection and meditation incense.

Anise seeds are also used in purification baths, especially with bay leaves.

Oil of Anise, 1-5 drops, as needed

                        Magical Properties:

Gender Orientation : Masculine Planet Orientation : Jupiter Element Orientation : Air Realm of Influence : Protection, Purification, Youth


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