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02 Are advertisements allowed on a.s.d?


This article is from the Diet FAQ, by Claudia McCreary cookignnewsletter@chef.net with numerous contributions by others.

02 Are advertisements allowed on a.s.d?

Because a.s.d is not a moderated group, there is no way to prevent
individuals or companies from posting advertisements for their products.
However, anyone contemplating posting such messages should be aware that
advertisements, particularly those for weight loss plans or diet aids
emphatically not welcome here. This includes, but is not limited to,
herbalife, metabolife, colorad, chitosan, pyruvate, other weight loss
supplements, plans, methods and aids . Our definition of an ad includes
posting info about a product and saying e-mail me for more info, posting
another's web site URL if the web site sells a product, and any other
product recommendation where you stand to benefit financially should the
readers of your post purchase the product recommended. Anyone posting any
type of ad will reported their ISP for placing an ad in a noncommercial
newsgroup that does not allow advertising. Furthermore, the web site host,
should it be different from the spammer's ISP, will be alerted that spam is
being posted in regards to the web site that they host.

Many a.s.d readers have already learned the hard way that sustained,
healthy weight loss doesn't come from over-the-counter remedies, and that
"too good to be true" diets are just that. (a.s.d readers who encounter
advertisements posted to the newsgroup should mail the advertiser a copy of
this FAQ and report the ad to the spammer's ISP.) . Should there be a
question posted about a product you sell, please do not respond. The
that you stand to benefit financially from the recommendation you would
make, makes the credibility and motivation of your recommendation
There are a few newsgroups (those in the biz.* hierarchy, and those with
"marketplace" or "forsale" in their names) where ads are permitted.
Advertisers who are interested in reaching dieters or nutrition-conscious
readers should check out alt.forsale.nutrition in particular. An
to advertising via Usenet is to set up your own site on the World Wide
The URL (address) of your Web site can be included in the signature file
that you append to posts you make in alt.support.diet, but please do not
post articles that contain nothing more than pointers to your Web
articles fall within the technical definition of "advertisements."
including advertising in your Web site, be sure to check with your
service provider; many ISP's prohibit commercial ventures from personal


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