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58 Dialysis and transplant support groups:


This article is from the Organ Transplant FAQ, by mike_holloway@hotmail.com (Michael Holloway) with numerous contributions by others.

58 Dialysis and transplant support groups:

The list below was compiled by Gerald Huber
<Gerald.Huber@geographie.uni-regensburg.de>, Julio Real
<IQIREAL@CC.UAB.ES>, and Bernardo Brotas Carvalho

Gesellschaft Nierentransplantierter
und Dialysepatienten Oesterreichs
z. Hd. Hfrat Dr. Herbert Schmidt
Neulerchenfelderstr. 10/I/3/17
A-1160 Wien, Austria
Phone: (0043) 4083818

c/o Patricia Doherty
Pembroke Road
156 Ballsbridge
Dublin 4, Ireland
Phone: 00353-1-689788/9
Fax: 00353-1-683820

DIATRA Verlag GmbH

Postfach 12 30
D-65332 Eltville/Rhein
Phone: (06123) 73478
Fax: (06123) 73287

Federal Association of Transplant Recipients

Bundesverband der Organtransplantierten
Paul-Rücker-Str. 20 - 22
D-47059 Duisburg
Tel. (02 03) 44 20 10
Fax (02 03) 44 21 27

German Foundation for Organ Transplantation

Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation
Emil von Behring-Passage
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg
Phone: 06102/359210

Heartchild Association

Herzkind e.V.
Husarenstr. 70
D-38102 Braunschweig
Phone: 0531/797121

German Heart Foundation

Deutsche Herzstiftung e.V.
Wolffsgangstr. 20
D-60322 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069/9567980

German Association of Dialysis Physicians

Deutsche Dialysegesellschaft
niedergelassener Aerzte e.V.
Bundesallee 243
D-42103 Wuppertal
Phone: 0202/445655

Italy (north):
Associazione Altoatesina nefropatici
Via C. Battisti Str. Nr. 33
I-39100 Bolzano, Italy
or via the president
Florian Mair
St-Peter-Weg 19
I-39018 Terlan, Italy
Phone: (0039) 471/57595

JTR Japan Transplant recipients organization
Osaka-City Kita-ku Minamimori-mati 2-3-20-502, Japan
Address Number 530
TEL 06-362-0411 FAX 06-362-2068
Office Manager
Mr. Okubo Mitikata

Association Luaxembourgeoise des Malades Renaux e Transplantes a.s.b.i
BP 2713
L-1027 Luxembourg
Vic Christoph, president
Phone: 00352/378458 or 44112022

(from Bernardo Brotas Carvalho <bernardo@cfn.ist.utl.pt>)
APIR Associacao Portuguesa de Insuficientes Renais
c/o Ma Alcina Ascencao
Address: Via Princ. de Peoes, Zona 1, Lote 105, Chelas
Phone: +351 1 8575753
Fax: +351 1 8370826

(From Julio Real <IQIREAL@CC.UAB.ES>)

ADER ('Asociacion de Enfermos Renales': kidney patients association)
ADER is the Catalan association of kidney patients. Full members are all
affected of ESRD (dialysis or transplanted). Others may be associate
members, according to our bylaws. We are a non-profit organization,
founded in 1976, and with a membership of ca. 1600 today. Our main goals
are to assist patients with chronic renal failure in all aspects
concerning their quality of life, providing factual, psychological and
nutritional advice, and services. And to inform the Catalan society of
the need and importance of organ donation.

The general services the association offers include:
- Travel advice and arrangements for patients in dialysis, worldwide, for
work or vacation. - Physical rehabilitation (massages, yoga... ).
- Nutritional information: cooking classes for kidney patients and
family members. We are now publishing a cookbook for ESRD diet (in
Catalan, a Spanish version will be forthcoming).
- We have periodic lectures (by urologists, nephrologists, and
others...), on the latest advances in treatment an therapy, and other
topics of interest, such as tax deductions for the handicapped.
- We organize a Symposium on 'Dialysis, Transplant and Organ
Procurement'. This year it will be held in Barcelona, on the fall.
Nephrologists, urologists, organ procurement coordinators (so far only
from Spain) give lectures followed by brief discussions.
-We publish a book of 'Proceedings', with the (more or less) summarized
lectures (Spanish). These Proceedings are available at a cost of $15.-
plus postage. I will send a short list of titles-contents.
- We publish a newsletter four times a year (in Spanish), including
topics of general and local interest. Subscriptions are available at a
cost of $25.- + postage per yr.
- Recreational activities: excursions, art shows, sports competitions, a
children festival, with clowns, etc.
- We have an arrangement with a pager service providing company, so that
the members in the waiting list can carry one at a discount.
- We organize periodic Donor Awareness campaigns, including the distribution
Organ Donor Cards, information leaflet distribution, etc.

c/o Yvonne Guerini-Brunner
7 rte de Founex
CH-1291 Commugny
Phone: 0041/22/7761113
There is also a French SSMIR and an Italian ASPIR
group under the same adress.


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