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53 Books, Magazines, and Videos


This article is from the Organ Transplant FAQ, by mike_holloway@hotmail.com (Michael Holloway) with numerous contributions by others.

53 Books, Magazines, and Videos

(see also Wendy Marx Foundation above)

Encore: Another Chance at Life A slick magazine published by Chronimed
Pharmacy "exclusively for organ transplant patients, their families and
friends." Apparently published 4 times a year. "This publication
provides a broad look at many issues surrounding organ transplantation
and encourages personal stories and feedback from readers." For a four
issue subscription for $12.95 annually write to: Chronimed Publishing,
P.O. 46181, Minneapolis, MN, 55446-9920

From Bob Finn (finn@nasw.org )
""Organ Transplants: Making the Most of Your Gift of Life," (O'Reilly &
Associates, 2000) "
In Organ Transplants I tell the organ recipient, the potential organ
recipient, and his or her family what to expect from this life-changing
event. Transplant professionals like to say that a transplant does not
restore a person to perfect health. On the contrary, the recipient is merely
changing one serious medical condition for another. Transplant recipients
need to cope with the lifetime responsibility of taking anti-rejection
medications, many of which have significant side effects. They have to dodge
the twin perils of infection and rejection. They have to deal with the
emotional and financial consequences of transplant. Told from the medical
consumer's point of view, Organ Transplants will help the recipient cope
with this often overwhelming situation.

"Transplant Success Stories"
Contains histories of recipients and donor families.
Edited by Paul I. Terasaki and Jane Schoenberg, 1993
Published by the UCLA Tissue Typing Laboratory
Order $5.00 a copy:
UCLA Tissue Typing Laboratory
950 Veteran Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Telephone: (310) 825-7651
FAX: (310) 206-3216

(from Marion Leska <MarionL@aol.com>)
"LIFE from DEATH, The Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
Source Book with Forms"
The P. Gaines Co.
P.O. Box 2253, Oak Park, Illinois, 60303
The book has several sections. It has a detailed explanation of the Nat'l
Organ Transplant Act, and then has sections on 1.Donation of
organs,tissues,etc; Law and legislation, U.S. and States. 2. Transplant
of Organs,tissues,etc. Law and legislation, US and States., and 3. Dead
bodies (honest!!!) Law and legislation, US and states.

"Taking Heart" by A.C. Greene.
1990, Simon & Schuster.
A first person account by a heart transplantee.

From Fritz Dolak <00fjdolak@bsuvc.bsu.edu>:
Video: "Dying to Breathe" It can be
obtained for $19.95 from Nova: 1-800-628-5355. Though it contains a 1993
copyright, I believe it was filmed c. 1989. I may be wrong in this. My
transplant center made all lung transplant candidates view it.


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