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137 Organizations Promoting Donation


This article is from the Organ Transplant FAQ, by mike_holloway@hotmail.com (Michael Holloway) with numerous contributions by others.

137 Organizations Promoting Donation

(See also Part 2)

The Mickey Mantle Foundation

Mickey's Team

Get your free Mantle Foundation donor card now!
Call 1-800-422-9567 or 1-800-477-MICK or
Email transplant.webmaster@umich.edu

Be sure to include:
your name, complete mailing address, and the number of cards you would like
(limit 5).

Mickey's personal message to each of us, printed on the Mickey's Team
donation cards, reads as follows:

"The best gift I ever got was on June 8, 1995 when an organ donor
gave me and five other patients at Baylor University Medical
Center in Dallas the organs we needed to live. I guess you could
say I got another time at bat.

"Now I want to give something back. I can do that first by
telling kids and parents to take care of their bodies. Don't
drink or do drugs. Your health is the main thing you've got, so
don't blow it.

"Second, think hard about being an organ and tissue donor if the
time ever comes. Sign this card, carry it with you, and let your
family know how you feel.

"Thanks for your prayers and kindness. I'll never be able to make
up all I owe God and the American people. But if you will join me
in supporting the cause of organ and tissue donation, it would be
a great start."

Track star Carl Lewis writes about Mickey's Team

About the Mantle Foundation


Given a few precious extra weeks of life because of a liver transplant,
Mickey Mantle will be remembered for something more than his heroic
baseball career. This baseball great, considered a hero by many, was
overwhelmed by the selfless gift of a liver from a stranger. Learning of
the critical need for organ and tissue donation, Mickey became determined
to give something back at the end of his life. He directed that The Mickey
Mantle Foundation be established to promote organ and tissue donation.
Mickey had expected to lead Mickey's Team to the complete elimination of
deaths due to the shortge of organs and tissue, but this was not to be. Our
challenge is to make his dream come true.


The critical shortage of organ and tissue donors results from the American
public's being uninformed about the critical need, as well as the process,
of donation. The decision to be a donor is difficult for many Americans.
However, we believe that the American public will embrace organ and tissue
donation if the decision-making opportunity and the information is made
more readily available. Accessability and education are the keys.

The Mission:

Our initial mission is the complete elimination of the loss of life or the
loss of quality of life due to the lack of organs and tissue available for

The Plan:

We will work in concert with professionals in the donation and
transplantation community to accomplish this mission. Our strategy -
continuous public distribution of information relevant to organ and tissue
donation, along with the distribution of millions of donor cards. Mickey's
Team will be comprised of many from all walks of life. We must have those
with the financial tools, the media tools, the educational tools, and the
medical tools on this team! Our message will be factual, inspirational, and
educational. We must capture the minds and hearts of our fellow Americans.
We must make it easier for families and loved ones to make this important
decision during times of good health and clear thinking. We believe the
American people will say "yes!" to organ and tissue donation - Let's give
them the opportunity to join Mickey's Team.

The Mickey Mantle Foundation
8080 N. Central Expressway, Suite 800
Dallas, Texas 75206-1887

Phone 800-477-MICK (6425) or (214) 891-8890
Fax (214) 691-0418

Other pages about Mickey Mantle

* "Memories of Mickey", a multimedia gallery at ESPNET SportsZone
* Mantle Memorial at the official National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
* Steven Louie's unofficial New York Yankees home page, with a page about
Mickey Mantle's stats
* Two fans' tribute pages: Maggie's and Michael Meister's.

The Coalition on Donation
is a nonprofit alliance of numerous professional, patient, health,
science, transplant and voluntary organizations. Its purpose is to
increase public awareness of organ and tissue donation, correct
misconceptions about donation, and create a greater willingness to

To contact the Coalition, please write to:

Coalition on Donation
1100 Boulders Parkway, Suite 500
P.O. Box 13770
Richmond, VA 23225-8770

or call 1 - 800 - 355 - SHARE (7427)
FAX: 804-330-8593


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