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13 Selected organ and tissue transplant info #4


This article is from the Organ Transplant FAQ, by mike_holloway@hotmail.com (Michael Holloway) with numerous contributions by others.

13 Selected organ and tissue transplant info #4

Life Connections of Ohio
Contains excellent information on donation and transplantation, as well
as extensive answers to frequently asked questions about donation.
Life Connection of Ohio is dedicated to increasing and facilitating the
recovery of high quality organs and tissues for transplantation.

London Health Sciences Centre Multi-Organ Transplant Program
Has several informative articles on organ donation and transplant
information, with references.

Missouri Kidney Program
Contact person: David Patterson <mokpdave@muccmail.missouri.edu>
The Missouri Kidney Program in Columbia Missouri (MoKP). We are
developing an End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and related issues web site
for patients, providers and others who are interested.
Currently our web site houses our most recent annual report detailing who
MoKP is as well as some statistics about patients in Missouri. We also
maintain to links to other related areas.

National Donor Sabbath Resource Kit 1997
Jennifer Grant at the HHS Division of Transplantation has assembled
opinions from all religious organizations in the US regarding organ
donaiton, and give suggestions of how congregations can participate in
the National Donor Sabbath (Nov. 13-15, 1998).

This organization manages a drug cost share program for individuals who
cannot afford Sandimmune (cyclosporine). See Part 3, section I.

National Transplant Assistance Fund
Formerly National Heart Assist and Transplant Fund
e-mail: txFund@LibertyNet.org
VOICE 800-642-8399 / Fax 610-527-5210

National Transplant Assistance Fund is dedicated to providing financial,
social and emotional support to transplant candidates. NTAF counsels patients
regarding location and cost of transplant centers and other possible sources
of financial assistance. NTAF helps the patients' families organize
fundraising in their communities while assuring fiscal accountability as
trustee. The organization is also deeply committed to educating the public
about the critical need for organ donation, lecturing community groups on
organ donor awareness and distributing free organ donor materials upon


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