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99 Rumors and calls for information


This article is from the Ergonomics and Typing Injury FAQ, by Dan Wallach dwallach@cs.princeton.edu with numerous contributions by others.

99 Rumors and calls for information

As I've currently got my needs for a comfortable workstation reasonably well
met, I'm no longer actively seeking furniture information for myself directly
from vendors. Thus, most further updates will be supplied by you, our readers.
You may note some furnitures listed with no known suppliers. If you can get
manufacturer or supplier information, I'd be glad to add it to the FAQ.

We've also had some interest in furniture for the disabled (or whatever the
current PC term is for people other than us TABs [Temporarily Able Bodied]). If
anyone is aware of furniture designed for non-TABs or has had any luck using or
modifying any commercially available furniture or knows about any companies who
manufacture equipment for non-TABs that could be persuaded to develop
something, please let me know.

Another request from someone interested in the specifics of specifying office
furniture: ...where I can locate reports or articles (preferably on-line) which
offer specific recommendations, guidelines, or formulas (the nuts and bolts)
for identifying ergonomically sound office furniture - and I don't just mean
furniture where just computing or typing tasks are performed.

For example, are you aware of anybody that has spelled out somewhere the
procedure for computing this? Perhaps there are programs that people have
designed to make such determinations based on an individual's measurements
being feed in?

We've also seen the Anthrocart furniture and Herman-Miller Equa chairs
recommended. Anyone having contact information available for either of these
vendors is encouraged to let us know.

Also from the rumor mill... ComputerVision has been listed in this FAQ in the
past as a source for computer furniture. However, they have not been in the
furniture business since about 1992. They are strictly a CAD/CAM software house
at this time. They are NOT in the process of selling their furniture. The
company is, to the best of our knowledge, healthy and prosperous and NOT on the
verge of bankruptcy. We apoligize if we have inadvertently started any rumours
to the contrary.


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