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86 Exercise Break [formerly StressFree] (shareware)


This article is from the Ergonomics and Typing Injury FAQ, by Dan Wallach dwallach@cs.princeton.edu with numerous contributions by others.

86 Exercise Break [formerly StressFree] (shareware)

Available from
Hopkins Technology (distributors)
421 Hazel Lane
Hopkins, MN 55343-7116
70412.727@compuserve.com (Ignacio Valdes, the developer)
Demos (working program but reduced functions)
Windows Advanced Forum, New Uploads section, or Health and
Fitness Forum, Issues At Work section. (Windows and Mac versions
in latter)
Anonymous FTP
ftp://ftp.cica.indiana.edu (and mirroring sites)
rsi conference
Windows (3.0/3.1), Mac System 6.0.5 or higher, DOS version soon
$29.95 if supported via CompuServe or Internet, otherwise $39.95.
Site license for 3 or more copies is $20.00 each.

Aimed at preventing RSI, this program warns you to take breaks after a
configurable interval (or at fixed times). Displays descriptions and
pictures of exercises - pictures are animated and program paces you to
help you do exercises at the correct rate. Quite a few exercises, can
configure which ones are included to a large extent. One useful feature is
that when it is running minimised it shows the time to the next break,
helping you plan your work to the next break rather than it coming as an

The new release, 3.0, is renamed Exercise Break, supports Mac and Windows
and should include a DOS version. I have been trying out a beta version
and it has some useful features, including Typewatch (no relation to the
freeware program ...), which graphs your typing rate over time, with
optional warnings to slow down and export facilities for spreadsheet
analysis. It also includes a full ergonomic checklist online to help set
up your workstation, and a picture of correct posture and workstation

An unusual feature is the ability to include your own exercises in the
program, providing you have access to a Windows SDK, without programming.

This is the only tool I know of with a redistributable demo that is
not just a slide show, so if you do get the demo, post it on your
local bulletin boards, FTP servers or BITNET servers! Includes the
ability to step backward in the exercise sequence, which is good for
repeating the most helpful exercises. Hopefully a number of add-on
exercise modules will become available now that it is possible to add


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