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62 DragonDictate


This article is from the Ergonomics and Typing Injury FAQ, by Dan Wallach dwallach@cs.princeton.edu with numerous contributions by others.

62 DragonDictate

Dragon Systems, Inc.
800-TALK-TYP or 617-965-5200
320 Nevada Street
Newton, MA 02160 USA
DragonDictate Starter $395
(5k word active vocab, 1K global macro, 500 app specific macros)
DragonDictate Classic $695
(30K word active vocab, 5K global macro, 2K app specific macros)
DragonDictate Power $1695
(60K word active vocab, 5K global macro, 2K app specific macros)

Upgrade prices from older version are also available.

Also, you can purchase any of these systems with an "ACPA" (Audio
Capture and Playback Adapter) DSP board for an additional $300.
DragonDictate will work fine with a standard "multimedia" sound card,
such as a SoundBlaster 16 or ProAudio Studio 16.

[NEW!] DragonDictate for Windows is now available. Hardware
requirements below.

Also seen on-line in Safe Computing's Internet Store for the same
prices as above.

+ 486/33 (or higher) for DragonDictate
+ 486/66 for DragonDictate for Windows
+ 20 MB RAM minimum
+ 15 MB disk space for softare
+ 3 MB disk space for each user
(3rd party support for Mac)

Free software support for X windows is also available - your PC with
Dragon hardware talks to your workstation over a serial cable or
network. The program is called a2x, and is available via anonymous


ftp://ftp.x.org/contrib/a2x.tar.Z (most current)

If you want to use your Dragon product with X windows, you may want
to ask for Peter Cohen, an salesman at Dragon who knows more about
this sort of thing.

Dragon Systems sells a number of voice recognition products. Most (if not
all) of them seem to run on PC's and compatibles (including PS/2's and
other MicroChannel boxes). DragonDictate works with many off-the-shelf
sound cards, or they sell you a hardware board. Their older software sits
in front of a number of popular word processors and spreadsheets. Dragon
has recently announced "DDWIN", which extends Dragon support to all
Microsoft Windows applications.

Each user `trains' the system to their voice, and there are provisions to
correct the system when it makes mistakes, on the fly. Multiple people can
use it, but you have to load a different personality file for each person.
You still get the use of your normal keyboard, too. On the DragonDictate
Classic, you need to pause 1/10th sec between words. Dragon claims typical
input speeds of 30-40 words per minute.

Dragon's technology is also part of the following products (about which I
have little-to-no other info):
o Microsoft Windows Sound System (Voice Pilot)
o IBM VoiceType
o Power Secretary (by Articulate Systems - for Macintosh)
o EMStation (by Lanier Voice Products - "emergency medical
Files to check out in the typing injury archive:
o dragon-vocab-size
o dragon-vs-kurzweil
o dragon2.info


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