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38 Comfort Keyboard System


This article is from the Ergonomics and Typing Injury FAQ, by Dan Wallach dwallach@cs.princeton.edu with numerous contributions by others.

38 Comfort Keyboard System

Health Care Keyboard Company
414-536-2160 (sales)
414-536-2169 (technical info)
12040-G W. Feerick St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53222
Price (Suggested Retail)
$795 for Mac, PC, and IDEA version.
$815 for Sun version.
$895 for HP-IL.

Additional personality modules are around $150 each. Prices can
drop $100 if you get the "preferred price", usually by purchasing
through your company.

A footpedal is available for $74 (not offered for the Mac).
PC, Mac, HP-IL, Sun, and IDEA. IBM 122-key in beta.

A carrying case is also available.

The idea is that one keyboard works with everything. You purchase
"compatibility modules", a new cord, and possibly new keycaps, and then
you can move your one keyboard around among different machines.

It's a three-piece folding keyboard. The layout resembles the standard
101-key keyboard, except sliced into three sections. Each section is on a
"custom telescoping universal mount." Each section independently adjusts
to an infinite number of positions allowing each individual to type in a
natural posture. You can rearrange the three sections, too (have the
keypad in the middle if you want). Each section is otherwise normal-shaped
(i.e.: you put all three sections flat, and you have what looks like a
normal 101-key keyboard).

Other features: full remapping and macros, programmable delay and repeat
times. Coming soon: bounce keys and sticky keys. Also coming soon:
non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) to store macros (currently, the PC downloads them
at boot time).

Anyone with an old Comfort (serial number < 5000) can upgrade to a newer
version of the keyboard. Call technical assistance (414-536-2169) for more
details. The upgrade will generally cost $189, depending on the state of
the original keyboard.

The Comfort is a "class 2 medical device", which may make it easier to get
prescribed by a doctor.


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