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01 On-Line information sources (Pinball)

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This article is from the Pinball FAQ, by Andy Oakland sao@REMOVETOREPLY.mit.edu with numerous contributions by others.

01 On-Line information sources (Pinball)

How much is that pinball machine worth? Don Shoemaker's "Auction Results"
at " http://www.xmission.com/~daina/auctions/index.html " indexes two thousand
recent sales, with price, condition, location, date of sale, and notes about
the individual machines!

The "Flipper Cowboy" pages, " http://www.xenosgroup.com/folks/terryc/ ",
contains a list of pinball historians and a variety of historical
essays about pinball machines. Maintained by Terry Cumming.

Randy Fromm's Amusement International Magazine is a web-based magazine
for the coin-op industry. Reviews of the latest machines, tons of
technical tips, and "Yellow Pages" and "Classified" listings. Heavy on
the graphics, but very worthwhile! " http://randyfromm.com/ "

There's the "Pinball Pasture" Web site, maintained by David Byers.
It's located at " http://www.lysator.liu.se/pinball/ ".

The URL for the "Pin-Wizard" Archive, covering league and tournament
info, is " http://www.glue.umd/edu/~dstewart/pinball/ "

Daina Pettit maintains a major pinball page at
" http://www.xmission.com/~daina/pinball.html ", including photos,
pinball classifieds, repair tips, and a registry of collectors.

Two Bit Score Amusements, a pinball repair shop, has a Web page at
" http://www.twobit.com/ "

Steven Craig maintains an up-to-date list of
pinball machines and their owners (the PAPS list), so that other net'ers
can find people who have a specific game.
" http://www.visi.com/~scraig/PAPS/PAPS.html "

Federico "Wiz" Croci maintains a "FlipperPage" in Italy, at: http://tilt.it/

Star Tech Journal ("The Technical & Informational Monthly for the
Coin-Operated Entertainment Industry") keeps a detailed web page at
" http://www.cyberenet.net/~startech "

Harold Balde maintains a slick web page at
" http://tilt.largo.fl.us/hbalde/ "

Marco Specialties provides an auction calendar and a section for "for sale"
and "wanted" ads, as well as selling parts, books, and supplies.
" http://magenta.com/marco "

Russ Jensen wonderful articles online, mainly on the history of pinball,
including topics such as the evolution of the thumper-bumper and The Year
That Could Have Ended Pinball! " http://members.aol.com/rusjensen ".

John's Jukes offers pins for sale and a random collection of technical
tips. " http://www.flippers.com "

The Pinball Owners Association in Cambridge (the _real_ Cambridge, not the
upstart one I live in!) keeps their page at " http://ds.dial.pipex.com/poa/ ".

Coin-Op Classics magazine has gone out of business, but their web
page is still worth a visit. " http://www.coin-opclassics.com/ ".

The Pinball Heaven specialises in selling 1990 and later Bally and
Williams machines. " http://www.PinballHeaven.co.uk "

Also, the FAQ editor (that's me!) has finally joined the Web! You can find
my personal web page at " http://www.mit.edu/people/sao/home.html ",
or tour my pinball machines at " http://cascade.mit.edu/pinball.html ".


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