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4) LegoLand Theme Park: Billund, Denmark, Europe:

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This article is from the Lego FAQ, by Tom Pfeifer pfeifer@fokus.gmd.de with numerous contributions by others.

4) LegoLand Theme Park: Billund, Denmark, Europe:

See also http://www.lego.com/legofinder/legoland.asp

Billund, Denmark, Europe:

since 1968

Billund is in Jylland (Jutland), a town of only just over 4500 people
somewhere between Esbjerg (65 km) and Vejle (35 km).

Tel. +45 - 7533 1333, Fax +45 - 7535 3179
LEGOLAND Park, Nordmarksvej 9, DK-7190 Billund

official entrance fees for 2000: sping/fall  summer (peak season)
Baby Kids   (0-2)       free        free
Little Kids (3-13)      DKK 125     DKK 135
Big Kids    (14-59)     DKK 135     DKK 145
Senior Kids (60-)       DKK 100     DKK 105
Two-Day-Ticket          DKK 180     DKK 200
Season Ticket (full day early season, after 16:00 in peak) 185 DKK
Season Ticket (all season) 375 DKK

Increase compared to 1997: 30 (early season); 25 DKK (peak) per day

When admission has been paid, all rides and exhibitions are free.
The Traffic School has a separate booking and payment system.
Guides and coach drivers are free and get free meal coupons.

In 2000 the whole park (both indoor and outdoor) will open:
Early/Late: April 1 - Oct. 29 --- 10 am - 8 pm (rides - 6 pm)
Peak season: June 17 - Aug. 27 --- 10 am - 9 pm (rides - 7 pm)

Until 1993 the indoor exhibits (8000 sq m) were open until December,
now they close with the outdoors.

The Legoland driving school is for kids aged 8...13. Examples of the
replications in the park and their piece counts, found by Mike Weldy
(bullwnkl@mentor.cc.purdue.edu) in a magazine:

* Mt. Rushmore (American monument to Presidents Washington,
Jefferson, Lincoln, and T. Roosevelt) (1.5 million regular bricks
and 40K Duplo)
* Billund Airport (complete with airplanes) (687,860 bricks)
* Port of Copenhagen (3 million bricks)
* The Statue of Liberty (1.4 million bricks)
* Big Chief Sitting Bull (1.2 million bricks)
* a buffalo hunt (2.5 million)

fin@unet.umn.edu (Craig A. Finseth) and kokdg@diku.dk (Bo Kjellerup)
have details how to get there:


From Europe: Fly to Billund. (Yes, there are flights directly to
Billund from most major European cities.) The airport, which was at
first build by the LEGO company, is the second busiest (behind
Copenhagen) in Denmark. The first model of the airport was made out of
LEGO bricks.

From the US or anywhere else: Fly to Koebenhavn (Copenhagen) "Kastrup
Airport", then to Billund.

Once in Billund, walk. It's just across the parking lot, about five
minutes away. The Legoland Hotelis half a mile from the airport.


You can't directly. Billund is about as far as you can get from any
railway lines and still be on land in Europe. Since the town was
essentially "put on the map" by LEGO Systems and that company didn't
really get going until well after World War II, I would guess that
they missed out on the railway building era. In any event, you can
take a train to Vejle (nice town) and a bus to Billund (about half an

If you arrive with a ferry from England (Harwich - Esbjerg), take the
train from the ferry to Esbjerg rail station, and go by bus to Billund
(about one hour).


The bus goes there. A main road goes there. As I recall, the airport
and LegoLand parking lots are one and the same.


There is a large store and it carries the entire current line. It does
_not_ carry old, non-standard, or discontinued kits. All sales are at
list price. If you're from the US, the only reason to buy anything is
that the current line is somewhat different in Europe than the US, so
you might find a new kit (and wince when you have to pay for it).
Price is a smaller consideration for other countries.


Family Hotel LEGOLAND, open all year round, Tel. +45 - 75 33 12 44
Banking: Den Danske Bank has a branch in the Information Office.
Handicapped: Walking-impaired and wheelchair users can go all over the


To keep the FAQ in limits, I'll email you the heartwarming
descriptions by some visitors, if you email a Subject line 'LEGOland
Billund request' to pfeifer@fokus.gmd.de


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