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2) Books, papers, videos about LEGO

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This article is from the Lego FAQ, by Tom Pfeifer pfeifer@fokus.gmd.de with numerous contributions by others.

2) Books, papers, videos about LEGO

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The World of LEGO Toys
Henry Wiencek
Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, New York
Times Mirror Books
TS2301.T7W474 1987 688.7'2 86-23200
ISBN 0-8109-1790-4 (hardcover)
ISBN 0-8109-2362-9 (paperback)

Where does it come from? LEGO brick.
Text and editing: Kathy Henderson
illustrated by Diane Tippell
Art Director: Debbie MacKinnon
22 pages, fully illustrated in full color
Morristown, NJ: Silver Burdett, 1986.
Library of Congress: TS2301.T7T525 1986
Dewey: 688.7'2
ISBN: 0-382-09362-3
The book traces the manufacture of Lego bricks all the way from
the sucking of oil out of the earth to the placing of the
finished bricks in the hands of children. While this edition is
supposedly "adapted" for the United States market, it still has
a definite British feel to it. Type is large and writing is
simple enough for seven-year-olds. A delightful, if not deep,
the book does the job for its intended audience. (Wes Loder

The Epistemology and Learning Group at the MIT Media Laboratory, has
made some of their papers and publications available via anonymous FTP
from ftp://cherupakha.media.mit.edu/pub/el-publications/. Some
papers of interest to the LEGO community are:

/pub/el-publications/Theses/Martin/, Apr 29, 1994
"From Circuits to Control: Learning Engineering by Designing
LEGO Robots"
by Fred Martin

by David W. Hogg, Fred Martin, and Mitchel Resnick
This paper describes 12 autonomous ``creatures'' built with
Electronic Bricks. Electronic Bricks are specially-modified
LEGO bricks with simple electronic circuits inside. Although
each Electronic Brick is quite simple, the bricks can be
combined to form robotic creatures with interesting and complex
behaviors, similar to the fictional machines described in
Valentino Braitenberg's book Vehicles (1984).

by Mitchel Resnick and Fred Martin
Artificial Life is a new field in which researchers study
living systems by trying to build artificial versions of them.
In this paper, we argue that ideas from Artificial Life
research can and should be shared with children. We describe
various computational tools (including LEGO/Logo and Electronic
Bricks) that students can use to build artificial creatures. By
building and programming artificial creatures (and discussing
and thinking about how the creatures behave), children can
explore some of the central ideas of Artificial Life -- ideas
like feedback, levels of organization, and emergence.

by Mitchel Resnick and Stephen Ocko, September 1990
Most classroom problem-solving activities focus on analytic
thinking: decomposing problems into subproblems. Students
rarely get the opportunity to design and invent things. In this
paper, we describe how LEGO/Logo, a computer-based robotics
environment, supports a variety of design activities. We
examine how students using LEGO/Logo can learn important
mathematical and scientific ideas through their design
activities, while also learning about the design process

Israel Shenker
Playing with blocks can be a fine art at this theme park. in:
Smithsonian magazine v. 19, June 1988, p. 120-4+

A video is available from Enfield, CT called "How Lego Bricks Are
Made". It runs 12-15 min and takes the viewer through the various
production and packaging stages. It also talks briefly about the
design and manufacture of the molds or "tools". Unfortunately it does
not dwell at all on things like how sets are designed, how themes are
chosen, etc. Nonetheless it's informative and well worth the slight
hassle of getting one's hands on it.
You can "check the video out" by sending a $20 check made out to LEGO
Systems, Inc. to:
Ms. B. St. Pierre, Lego Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 1138, Enfield, CT
You can keep the video for two weeks and upon its return LEGO will
mail back your original check. Simple. --- Mario (marpi0591@aol.com)


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