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Frequently Asked Questions about the game Go.

This FAQ about the game Go was compiled and written by Morten PAHLE gofaq@pahle.org.uk with numerous contributions by others.

-0.1. What is this FAQ? (rec.games.go)
-1.1. What is this game? (Go)
-1.2. What are the rules? (Go)
-1.3. A brief history of Go
History has it that Go was invented in China over 4000 years ago,...
-1.4. Why has this game got so many names? (Go)
-1.5. Does perfect play exist? (Go)
-1.6. Does komi and handicap change with board size? (Go)
-1.7. What is a 'Dan' or 'Kyu' player? (Go)
-1.8. What is a handicap and how is it used? (Go)
-1.9. Does Go have an equivalent to ELO rating?
-1.10. Why is the standard board size 19x19? (Go)
-2.1. How can I play in real life? (Go)
-2.2. How do I find a club close to me? (Go)
-2.3. How are tournaments organised? (Go)
-2.4. Equipment: books, boards, stones etc. (Go)
-2.5. Can I make my own equipment? (Go)
-3.1. Can I play on the internet? (Go)
-3.2. How do I find a Go server?
-3.3. How do I find clients? (Go)
-3.4. How do I act towards someone I cannot see? (Go)
-3.5. What does 1/5 or 1/10 mean? (Go)
-4.1. How can I improve? (Go)
-4.2. Which parts of my game need improving? (Go)
-4.3. What rank am I? (Go)
-4.4. I am x Kyu. Which books should I read? (Go)
-4.5. Using the Newsgroup (rec.games.go)
-4.6. Posting positions to the Newsgroup (rec.games.go)
-4.7. Who can comment my games? (rec.games.go)
-4.8. What is the Go Teaching Ladder ?
-4.9. What is Sensei's Library? (rec.games.go)
-4.10. Teaching Go
-4.11. Are there Go-problems on the web?
-5.1. Counting at the end of the game (Go)
-5.2. Counting whilst the game is in progress (Go)
-5.3. Recording Go games
The usual convention is to label the Goban from left to right ...
-5.4. What are miai and deiri counting? (Go)
-5.5. What is reverse sente? (Go)
-5.6. What is a false eye? (Go)
-5.7. What is a ko-fight? (Go)
-5.8. What is all this about shape? (Go)
-5.9. Where do I play my first stone? (Go)
-6.1. Is there a program which . . . ? (Go)
-6.2. What is an .sgf/.mgt/.go etc. file? (Go)
-6.3. How strong are computers? (Go)
-6.4. Which is the best computer program? (Go)
-7.1. Go server expressions
For a rather full list of slang used on the Go servers, take a look ...
-7.2. Glossary (Go Slang and expressions)
-8.1. General Webpages (go)
-8.2. Mailing lists (go)
-8.3. Beginner sites (go)
-9.1. Copyright (rec.games.go)
-9.2. Unusual gobans (rec.games.go)
-10.1. General (rec.games.go)
The contents of this FAQ has been harvested from all the questions ...

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