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4.8.7 - How do I get various jobs? Special Jobs

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

4.8.7 - How do I get various jobs? Special Jobs

Squire [Ramza, Delita (ch. 1 only), Algus]
These three characters have special abilities which can not be obtained
by any other squire. Ramza's abilities especially change from chapter to
chapter. Delita and Algus won't be in the party long enough to gain some
of their more advanced techniques, though.

Holy Knight [Agrias, Delita (ch. 2 onward)]
Holy Knights can do some impressive tricks with their swords, which work
with perfect accuracy and cause big damage. They're very useful
characters, especially for some enemies which can't be hit by physical

Dark Knight [Gafgarion]
Gafgarion can perform two neat sword tricks which drain HP and MP away
from their targets. However, Gafgarion is in the party for too short a
time to be really useful.

Engineer [Mustadio]
Mustadio can be equipped with guns, and can use them to change the
status of the enemy. Mustadio is very good at paralyzing enemies, but he
only has three abilities to learn. Nevertheless, these three jobs can
save your party many times.

Princess [Ovelia]
Ovelia's Mbarrier attack provides decent magic defense, however, she's
with the party for only one battle.

Cleric [Alma]
Alma's basically the same as Ovelia.

Astrologist [Olan]
Olan is no different than any squire. However, his special attack,
Galaxy Stop, can paralyze every enemy on the screen. Unfortunately, Olan
only fights one battle with Ramza.

Heaven Knight [Rafa]
"Truth" attacks are very unpredictable, and tend to have more of a
chance of hitting allies rather than enemies. In other words, Rafa is
not a very useful character. You can dispose of her and you'll never
miss her.

Hell Knight [Malak]
To believe God even gave this guy a second chance on life! Malak is even
less useful than his sister, especially since "Un-Truth" attacks don't
ignore faith. Again, you won't miss him if you choose not to let him

Holy Swordsman [Orlandu]
Orlandu can use all of the sword skills used by Agrias, Gafgarion, and
Meliadoul. If that wasn't good enough, his sword skills are typically
twice as powerful, and he comes with the mighty Excalibur sword. Orlandu
really upsets the balance of difficulty in this game. The only reason
you wouldn't want to use him is if you wanted to make the game more

Arc Knight [Zalbag]
The Arc Knight might have some neat special skills, but since Zalbag is
with the party for such a short time, you'll never see them.

Divine Knight [Meliadoul]
It's a shame Meliadoul didn't trust Ramza at the beginning of Chapter 4,
because she would have been more useful if she joined the party before
Orlandu. Nevertheless, her Save the Queen sword and battle strength make
her a welcome addition to anyone's party. Just remember: Mighty Sword
techniques are useless on animals - they only damage humans with the
equipment the skill is designed to break. It also doesn't work against
characters with the Maintenance support skill.

Temple Knight [Beowulf]
Beowulf is everything the Oracle job should have been. His "Magic Sword"
spells are cast without any charge time, are typically more effective
than Yin-Yang magic, and have a few more powerful spells. All in all,
Beowulf is a very powerful character, only second to Orlandu.

Holy Dragon [Reis]
Reis is like any other dragon, except she can use all three Bracelet
abilities. She's extremely powerful, but can't be equipped with armor,
so she tends to be killed really easily.

Steel Giant [Worker 8]
Worker 8 is a useful character since he is extremely powerful and has
several bone-crunching special attacks. However, he can't change jobs,
can't be re-equipped, and has no faith.

Dragoner [Reis]
After Reis transforms, she's basically the same as she used to be,
except she gains a few mediator-esque skills.

Soldier [Cloud]
The game's secret character could have been a bit better. His attacks
take a while to charge up, and there is absolutely no FF VII-esque Limit
Break animation. What was Square thinking of? Nevertheless, Cloud is the
only male character in the game which can be equipped with the Barette,
which makes Cloud basically immune to status changes. However, he's not
very useful otherwise.


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