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3.3.2 - Seiken Densetsu III (not released in the USA)

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

3.3.2 - Seiken Densetsu III (not released in the USA)

Long ago, when the world was still in the darkness, the Mana Goddess
sealed the 8 beasts of disaster that were to bring destruction into 8
stones using the Mana Sword. Darkness then faded, and thus the world was
created. Mana Goddess transformed herself into a tree. Years passed
by... Until one day, the peace came to a sudden halt. Power-hungry ones
trying to take over the world, breaking the seal and releasing the
powers of the 8 beasts... Trying to possess and wield powers greater
than those of gods and goddesses... Mana was being depleted from the
world quickly... and the Mana Tree was starting to wither and die. And
thus, the Triangle Story begins...

Seiken Densetsu III is based on conflicts between a neutral country and
a leading (strong) country:

                Forcena <--> Artena
                Rolante <--> Navarre
                Wendel <--> Beast Kingdom

This combination creates 2 Triangles:

                BK ---- Artena       Wendel ----Forcena
                  \     /                 \     / 
                   \   /                   \   /
                  Navarre                 Rolante

which can be imposed on top of each other. The story is based on the
relationships among these countries. Therefore, the story will differ
depending on which character you start the adventure with.

There are 6 characters in Seiken Densetsu 3. Your party will consist of
3 of the 6 characters. Depending on who you choose as your main
character, your purpose, story, course of action, and the final enemy
will differ. You can choose from:

Duran (Forcena): soldier
Angela (Artena): magic user
Charlotte (Wendel): cleric
Hawkeye (Navarre): thief
Riesz (Rolante): amazoness
Kevin (Beast Kingdom): grappler

DURAN: Forcena
The game starts with a tournament scene. Duran is up against Bruzer.
Duran wins (of course). Duran's father, Roki was known as the "Golden
Knight," and was a good friend of the king (Eiyuu-ou). He disappeared
when Duran was still a young boy. His mother, Simone, died of illness,
so Duran and his younger sister Wendy, were brought up by his Aunt
Stella. He had no real memories of his father, but like him, Duran
became the best swordsman among the young, and became a soldier for
Eiyuu-ou. Duran is on watch at the castle. The other guard goes on the
round for the last time for the night before their replacement is to
arrive. We enter Duran's dream... (he falls asleep.) Duran as a young
boy, asks where his father is going. Roki replies he's going to go fight
a dragon - Ryuutei - the strongest among all dragons. He never returns.
It was reported that he fell into a bottomless pit with Ryuutei. Simone
collapses after she whispers "so he was a golden knight till the very
end... I'm sure that's what he would have wanted..." Simone admits to
Stella that she had been ill, but didn't say anything because she didn't
want to burden Roki. (Simone probably dies at this point.) Duran wakes
up, and the area is covered by a bright red light. He finds the soldiers
on the floor, and a mage in red robes appear. Duran attacks, but fails.
He collapses after he is struck by magic. Voices are heard, and the mage
splits. (Just in a knick of time... how 'bout that. ^^; ) Forcena
advisors suspect Artena of sending spies into Forcena. They want to
attack Artena, but Eiyuu-ou stops them - there's no proof yet and no
apparent reason as to why they would do this. He orders spies to be sent
into Artena. Duran's in the pub, upset that he was beaten. Wendy comes
to cheer him up, but runs off. Duran then visits a fortune-teller. And
his adventure begins...


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