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3.2.3 - SaGa III (USA: The Final Fantasy Legend III)

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

3.2.3 - SaGa III (USA: The Final Fantasy Legend III)

Thousands of years ago, immortal beings fought a long war over who
should become the ruler of a world known as "Pureland". As the battle
went on, these beings created more and more powerful magic and more
devastating weapons. Unfortunately, the side affects of these
increasingly powerful means of war began to show their signs in other
universes. The effects of such attacks were so great as to actually
threaten the existence of other worlds. Sol, the creator of The World,
feared that the effects of these attacks would soon spell the end of his
world. So, he built a great spacecraft, known as the Talon, that was
capable of flying at incredible speeds, and could even traverse the
different dimensions themselves, allowing him to travel to other worlds.
So, Sol used this ship to travel to Pureland, where he managed to seal
the warring immortal beings, and more importantly the effects of their
magic, in their world. This exercise was very taxing for Sol, though,
and when he returned to The World he had just enough energy to spread
the 13 key components, known as Units, throughout the time and space
occupied by his world. He then fell into a deep sleep. Hundreds of years
later, the immortal Pureland beings have grown powerful enough to
finally retaliate against Sol for sealing them off from the rest of the
worlds. Using their combined magic, they summon a water entity that
manifests itself above the oceans of The World, and was visible to all
inhabitants of the World, past, present, or future. This apparition
created two great problems for those who lived in The World. Out of this
entity came forth hordes of evil and dangerous creatures who threatened
the lives of the inhabitants of the World. Also from this entity poured
forth water, and slowly began to flood The World, which not only
threatened the lives of those who lived there, but their posterity as
well. Only one mortal, known as the Elder of Dharm, in The World knows
the true reason for the presence of the Water Entity, and what the
ultimate goal of the monsters that was ravaging the surface of his world
was. The hero is raised by this man, and when he/she/it grows old
enough, the Elder tells the true story of the Water Entity, and how the
hero must travel across land and time itself to hunt down and find the
scattered pieces of the Talon, so that the Purelanders can once again be
stopped, and the world can be saved.

SaGa III offers a different style of fighting than in SaGa I and SaGa
II, that is similar to Final Fantasy VI. The player normally has four
members in the party, but can be joined by a fifth character from time
to time. The player doesn't have a choice into the nature of your
original characters, but they do have the opportunity to develop them
though the gaining of experience. The characters also have the chance to
change to/from robots, cyborgs, beasts, and monsters, through the eating
of monster meat or installation of robot parts obtained in battle.
Robots don't have the ability to use magic, and are initially weak, but
have the ability to upgrade through the addition of part capsules.
Cyborgs are a cross between human/mutants and robots. Monsters don't
have the ability to use any items, but generally have high HP and must
continue to eat the meat of stronger monsters if they wish to continue
to develop. Beasts are a cross between human/mutants and monsters.
Unlike SaGa I and II, many weapons have unlimited usage, but there are
also many 1 use items. Also new is unlimited use magic that can be
purchased or created with combinations of stones that are found
throughout the game. There are also special non-combat spells which will
allow you to fly though the air and swim under water. When flying the
Talon, you can fly though the air, and the Talon will fight along with
the party when they encounter enemies.


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