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2.5.3 - Final Fantasy Tactics (USA: Final Fantasy Tactics)

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

2.5.3 - Final Fantasy Tactics (USA: Final Fantasy Tactics)

Playable characters/special jobs:
Ramza Beoulve [Squire]
Alicia, Lavian, Rad [generic recruits]
Malak Galthana [Hell Knight]
Cidolfas "T.G. Cid" Orlandu [Holy Swordsman]
Worker 8 [Steel Giant]

NPCs/special jobs:
Agrias Oaks* [Holy Knight]
Gaff Gafgarion [Dark Knight]
Delita Hyral [Squire/Holy Knight]
Algus Sadalfas [Squire]
Boco* [Chocobo]
Ovelia Atkascha [Princess]
Mustadio Bunanza* [Engineer]
Olan Durai [Astrologist]
Alma Beoulve [Cleric]
Rafa Galthana* [Heaven Knight]
Meliadoul Tingel* [Divine Knight]
Zalbag Beoulve [Arc Knight]
Beowulf Kadmas* [Temple Knight]
Reis Dular* [Holy Dragon/Dragoner]
Secret Character* [Soldier]

* = character begins as an NPC, and can optionally become a PC

Final Fantasy Tactics is based on a series of true stories about
feudal-age Europe: The Black Death, Hundred Years' War, and War of the
Roses, among others.

Many years ago, the death of the king in Ivalice caused the neighboring
kingdom of Zelamonia to claim Ivalice's throne. This caused the Fifty
Years' War to occur between the kingdoms. Although Ivalice remained
independent after the war, its resources were severely drained. After
the war ended, however, Ivalice's nobility was able to restore the
kingdom's prosperity as neighboring kingdoms were hit by the Black

Now, there is an even greater problem at hand. Ivalice's Princess Ovelia
has been kidnapped, the king has died, and the succession of the throne
has fallen into question again. The Gallione family, whose coat of arms
was a white lion, had a relational tie to the acting queen. However,
fearing the suppression of the family of the queen, Parliament has
chosen the Zeltennia family to rule. Their coat of arms was a black
lion, and they also had relational ties to the dead king's family.

This conflict between the two houses erupted into a civil war, known as
the "Lion War".

According to legend, a commoner named Delita Hyral was supposed to bring
an end to the war. Delita, a member of the Hokuten army that fought for
Ivalice during the Fifty Years' War, would then establish his family as
the ruling dynasty of Ivalice.

However, an ancient controversy has prevented the war's real hero, Ramza
Beoulve, from being known. Despite the evidence of Ramza's quest, the
Church tried to destroy any memories of him. Now, in the future, some
historians have discovered Ramza's adventure for the first time.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, the player guides Ramza on his quest from
being a simple page into a mighty hero.

Final Fantasy Tactics is not a typical Final Fantasy game. Where the
other games had common role-playing elements, Tactics is more of a
strategy game. Ramza is joined by a group of warriors and mages that are
(usually) hand-picked soldiers that have their own abilities. Every
character can move and attack, but can learn new abilities depending on
how many "job points" the party has acquired.

Final Fantasy Tactics also employs a job system that is almost identical
to that of the job system in Final Fantasy V. All players, including
Ramza, start out as squires. However, as they gain "job points" in
battle, they can take on different jobs. Squires and chemists are the
most basic of jobs, but with a little experience, a warrior can learn to
cast black magic, or a black wizard can wield a sword. The possibilities
are totally up to the player.

All in all, Final Fantasy Tactics is a very complex game. Fortunately,
there is an extensive online help system which should get some players
started. Still, this game isn't for everyone.


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