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2.3.3 - Final Fantasy V (not released in the USA - for the Super NES, anyway)

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

2.3.3 - Final Fantasy V (not released in the USA - for the Super NES, anyway)

Playable characters:
Butz (Bartz) Klauzer, Lenna (Reina) Tycoon, Galuf Baldesion, "Faris,"
Kururu (Krile) Baldesion


The game opens when the main character, Butz, is out riding with his
chocobo, Boko. A huge meteorite slams to the earth, not far from him.
When he rides over to investigate, he finds a young woman and an older
man. The man has lost his memory, but can remember enough to call
himself Galuf. The girl identifies herself as Lenna, princess of Tycoon.
Satisfied that they are all right, Butz lets them leave, only to chase
back after them when the road they travel starts to crumble beneath them
and they are attacked by goblins. Eventually, he rescues them and they
set off to find a way back to Tycoon, only to find themselves captured
by pirates as they explore a watery cave.

The pirate leader, Faris, spares them when he finds that he has a
pendant exactly like the one Lenna was wearing. He agrees to take them
to the Temple of Wind, since there is no wind to be found. At the Temple
of Wind, they find that the crystal of wind has been shattered.
Concerned about the remaining three crystals - water, fire, and earth,
the party of four - Butz, Galuf, Lenna, and Faris (who later turns out
to be a she) chase after the remaining three crystals, only to arrive
just in time to see each one shatter. After the shattering of the last
crystal, Galuf's granddaughter, Kururu, comes out of the meteorite that
heralded the destruction of the last crystal, and offers to take him

Butz, Lenna, and Faris, with the help of the inventor genius Cid (who
created a ship powered by - and later not powered by--the crystal of
fire) and his grandson Mid, find a way to power their own journey after
Galuf, who they want to help out in the quest that brought him to their
world. Arriving on Galuf's world, they find him pitched in a battle
against ExDeath, a tree into which all of the evil forces in that world
had been summoned. With the help of Galuf and his friends Zeza and
Kelgar, they continue an assault on ExDeath. Butz learns of the true
origin of his father, Dorgan - who was born on this world, and left for
Butz's world to watch over the crystals, which kept ExDeath sealed away.
ExDeath had once been defeated by the four Warriors of the Dawn - Galuf,
Zeza, Kelgar, and Dorgan - and sealed away by the crystals, but he found
a way to shatter them and escape, wreaking havoc on Galuf's and Butz's
world. Now, each of the remaining Warriors of the Dawn (Dorgan died in
Butz's world of natural causes, perhaps precipitating ExDeath's move on
the crystals) must sacrifice his life in order to help the four heroes
of this generation - the Light Warriors - defeat ExDeath for once and
for all. Zeza sacrifices himself in the depths of a Barrier Tower, one
of four generating an impenetrable barrier around ExDeath's castle.
Galuf is slain in a battle with ExDeath himself, trying to regain the
power of the crystals of this world. One of the crystals is shattered,
but your party manages to regain control of the other three when Galuf
uses his last strength to force ExDeath to retreat. Kururu takes Galuf's
place in your party, gaining his knowledge and experience from the will
of the crystals that resided in him and moved into her with his death.
Kelgar uses the last of his strength, giving it to Kururu to break the
trapping illusions of ExDeath's castle when you go to storm it. In the
final battle with ExDeath, though, the three remaining crystals are
shattered, and the events which follow show the true link between
Galuf's and Butz's worlds, and pave the way to the final defeat of

In Final Fantasy V, unlike in I and IV, character classes aren't fixed.
From the fragments of each of the crystals, your characters obtain
"jobs" - character classes ranging from the familiar Knight, White Mage,
and Red Mage, to the slightly more exotic but still recognizable Caller,
Dragoon (Dragon Knight), and Ninja, to totally new classes like the
Elementalist (Wind/Water Mage), the Monk, the Magic Sword Knight, and
the Blue Mage (which class is revisited in Final Fantasy VI in the form
of Strago). Characters may switch between these jobs any time they are
not in battle, but as they stay in a job and earn experience in it, they
learn abilities in these jobs. Each character, in addition to his job,
can use one ability learned from any class. Some of these abilities
duplicate powers the class has naturally - casting white magic, using a
harp as a weapon, and summoning the elements - to new abilities that can
assist your character even while he plays the class s/he learned it
from: summoning woodland creatures, raising your hit points by up to
30%, and paralyzing enemies. Success comes from making suitable mixes of
both primary jobs and secondary abilities, making sure that you have
ample ability to attack while simultaneously being able to defend and
heal yourself.


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