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1.9 - False Urban Legends about Square's Games (READ THIS!)

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

1.9 - False Urban Legends about Square's Games (READ THIS!)

Usually, in alt.games.final-fantasy, when nothing else is happening in
the Square world and we've all practically exploited a game to its
fullest, the only thing we do to keep ourselves entertained is to make
up false rumors about the game.

Sometimes these have been fun to do, but unfortunately, some people
actually believe these false rumors, and as things turn out, we get
people asking for things that they've "heard were in the game," but they
really aren't there.

It's been requested that the original list of questions never to ask be
elaborated, so let's see a list of false rumors and realities (if

WARNING! There are some minor spoilers ahead!

Final Fantasy IV (II US):

Rumor: Palom and Porom can be unstoned in the full (PSX) version of the
game by getting an item called the "Basilisk's Eye."
Reality: There is no Basilisk's Eye item in any of the various versions
of Final Fantasy IV. There is also no possible way of unstoning Palom
and Porom. See article 4.3.1 for more information.

Final Fantasy V:

Rumor: An incompletely translated copy of Final Fantasy V was leaked
from Square several years ago and posted on the Web.
Reality: Actually, the translation that leaked was a fan translation
that was only halfway done. The translation group RPGe was working on
the translation, but an incomplete version of it was stolen from them
and posted on the Web with some other organization's name on it. The
unfinished fan translation has lots of lines that say "(fill in here)"
and have garbage battle command windows, etc. Unfortunately, reports are
coming in that the plagerized incomplete translated version of the game
is still circling around the 'net.

Final Fantasy VI (III US):

Rumor: There are colored chocobos, or chocobos of different sizes, in
the game.
Reality: The only chocobos in the game are the yellow ones at the

Rumor: General Leo can be revived.
Reality: Once General Leo is dead, he stays that way. There is a Game
Genie code that has a probability of changing an existing character into
Leo, but there is no way to revive him in the actual game.

Rumor: Doing some tasks in a different order, or top-secret tasks,
reveals a secret ending.
Reality: There is only one ending to Final Fantasy VI, although there's
several variations on that ending.

Rumor: Shadow has more than five dream sequences.
Reality: Shadow has no secret dream sequences to unlock.

Rumor: There is a way to play the game over again with all the
characters at their current levels, with most of the same inventory,
etc. like the "New Game +" feature in Square's Chrono games.
Reality: None of the Final Fantasy games have this feature.

Rumor: There exists more than two secret characters, including one
called "Akfek," etc.
Reality: There are only two secret characters in Final Fantasy VI, one
sasquatch and one mime, and no more than that.

Rumor: Secret Character #2 is actually Daryl (or some other NPC) in
Reality: Secret Character #2's identity is a secret; there are
absolutely zero clues in the game that single out any NPC that it may
be. But there is no way that it could be Daryl. In the Japanese version
of the game, Secret Character #2 refers to himself as "ore" (pronounced
like "olay") which means "I" in Japanese, but the word "ore" can only be
used by men. And Daryl was not a man.

Rumor: Rydia and other Final Fantasy IV characters make guest
appearances in Final Fantasy VI.
Reality: None of the Final Fantasy IV cast of characters make an
appearance in Final Fantasy VI. The only character in a Final Fantasy
game that was grabbed out of one game and dropped into another was
Gilgamesh (FF V and VIII).

Rumor: The Atma Weapon, if thrown at Kefka, takes him down in one hit,
and says something like "too much damage to calculate" or something
Reality: This was a popular rumor, origin or intention unknown. It is
not true; the Atma Weapon does nothing other than regular damage if it
is thrown at Kefka.

Rumor: There is a way to uncurse the Cursed Ring and turn it into a
super-powerful Hero Ring.
Reality: Some people have reported that this works in very early prints
of the game, but for now, this should be treated as a rumor. It should
not happen in the PSX re-release of the game.

Final Fantasy VII:

Rumor: There is a trick to acquire unlimited money that involves a town
named "Manchuria."
Reality: There are no towns named "Manchuria" in Final Fantasy VII. None
of the town names in the North America and Europe versions of the game
from the original Japanese release. The rumor actually supposedly is
true for some other game, but some individual claimed it worked in Final
Fantasy VII, and the rumor mill went wild.

Rumor: The game was shipped incomplete; there were several important
things that Square took out of the game, and we should all flood Square
with mail demanding that they release the complete version of the game.
Reality: STOP IT! STOP IT! Most of these demands cite one Ben Lansing,
who more or less admitted that he fabricated his story about Final
Fantasy VII being incomplete. The game is as complete as it is ever
going to get, and no letter writing campaign will change that.

Rumor: There is a way to revive Aeris.
Reality: Not without a GameShark, there isn't. There is no way to revive
Aeris after the "incident" occurs, not with an Underwater Materia or
anything else. This is the #1 false rumor about Final Fantasy VII, it
has persisted ever since the game was released, and many people would be
glad if it would just go away.


Rumor: Ramsus is a playable character who can be unlocked after
Omiomorph is defeated during disc 2.
Reality: This is another popular false rumor that was started as a joke
in a popular Xenogears secrets guide, but some people apparently did not
understand the joke and took it seriously.


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