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9) How to use a Killfile (rec.games.board)

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This article is from the Board games FAQ, by Alec Habig habig@budoe.bu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

9) How to use a Killfile (rec.games.board)

From: phillips@syrinx.umd.edu (Leanne Phillips)
(Trimmed down for brevity by Alec Habig, see news.answers for the full
Subject: rn KILL file FAQ

Rn and trn, and other varieties of rn, have a very useful feature called
the KILL file, which allows you to kill (skip over) articles that you
don't want to see. There is some support for killfiles in xrn, but the
support is limited; nothing in here is guaranteed to work for xrn. See
the xrn man page.

KILL files come in two forms:
Global: In your News directory, you will have the file KILL.
Local: In your News directory, the killfile for group foo.bar
will be foo/bar/KILL.
The difference between the two is that there can be one killfile for
each group (the local killfile), and that killfile affects only the
particular newsgroup (foo/bar/KILL affects only foo.bar; baz/quex/KILL
affects only baz.quex, etc). The global killfile affects all
newsgroups. (There's a way to change the default names of the killfiles,
but it's more complicated than I want to get into here. See the rn(1)
man page.)

Killfiles allow you to kill articles based on a number of criteria: a
subject line, a general subject, articles from one poster, articles from
one site, articles cross-posted from any other group, or from one other
group in particular, and articles that are follow-ups to anything at all
(that is, anything with the Re: in the subject line). You can also kill
articles with a particular string anywhere in the article.

For a complete story on killfiles, look in the group news.answers. For
the purposes of this newsgroup, the most important thing to know is that
if you don't want to hear about a particular game, you can put it in
your kill file and not worry about it anymore. In rn/trn, hit <ctrl>k
to edit the killfile for the group you are reading, and add lines
similar to those below.


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