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7) How to use the "Distribution :" feature (rec.games.board)

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This article is from the Board games FAQ, by Alec Habig habig@budoe.bu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

7) How to use the "Distribution :" feature (rec.games.board)

From: spaf@cs.purdue.EDU (Gene Spafford)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newusers, news.answers
Subject: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

16. How do I use the "Distribution" feature?

When your posting software (e.g., Pnews or postnews) prompts you
for a distribution, it's asking how widely distributed you want
your article. The set of possible replies is different,
depending on where you are, but at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New
Jersey, possibilities include (for example):
local local to this machine
mh Bell Labs, Murray Hill Branch
nj all sites in New Jersey
btl All Bell Labs machines
att All AT&T machines
usa Everywhere in the USA
na Everywhere in North America
world Everywhere on USENET in the world
Many of the posting programs will provide a list of
distributions, if your site admin has kept the files up-to-date.

If you hit return, you'll get the default, which is usually
"world.". This default is often not appropriate -- PLEASE take a
moment to think about how far away people are likely to be
interested in what you have to say. Used car ads, housing wanted
ads, and things for sale other than specialized equipment like
computers certainly shouldn't be distributed to Europe and Korea,
or even to the next state.

It is generally not possible to post an article to a distribution
that your own machine does not receive. For instance, if you
live in Indiana, you can't post an article for distribution only
in New Jersey or Germany unless your site happens to exchange
those particular distributions with another site. Try mailing
the article to someone in the appropriate area and asking them to
post it for you.

If you cannot determine what distributions are valid for your
site, ask someone locally rather than posting a query to the
whole network!


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