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49 I'm looking for information about newsletters and other publications. (Backgammon)

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This article is from the Backgammon FAQ, by Mark Damish damish@ll.mit.edu with numerous contributions by others.

49 I'm looking for information about newsletters and other publications. (Backgammon)


Newsletter of the New England Backgammon Club
Monthly except July, usually 8 pages, two devoted to local news with
remaining to analytical material and backgammon related stories with
minimal advertising.

Subscription: USA/Canada/Mexico: $15/year.
Overseas: $25/year (check drawn on U.S. bank).
Contact: NEBC
c/o Sheraton-Commander Hotel
16 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138-3609


Backgammon Magazine

Lately this has been published quarterly in a combined German/English

Vertrieb (sales/marketing)
Edith Johanni
Emil-Nolde-Str. 26
90455 Nurnberg
Tel.: 0911/883253

Redaktion (Editor)
Harold Johanni
Hochstr. 7
90429 Nurnberg



Bi-monthly, 24 A5 sized pages. in Danish. It is a newsletter/magazine
for a BG club in Copenhagen. 4-6 pages are directed towrds the members
of the club, the rest is general analysis, commentated matches,
articles, problems etc. There is a quiz a la Inside BG's quiz. 4
problems each issue, with the answers taking 4-6 pages.

Subscription: Scandinavia Danish kr. 120
Europe Dkr. 140
Overseas (USA/Canada) Dkr. 160
Contact: Asger Kring (proj13@srv.imsor.dth.dk)
Lykkesholms Alle 4B,3 th.
1902 Frederiksberg C.
tlf: 3131 1439


Chicago Point Newsletter

A Prime Source of Backgammon Information

Monthly newsletter, 10 pages:
Subscription: USA/Canada/Mexico: $25/year.
Overseas: $35/year airmail in USD check drawn on
U.S. bank.
Contact: Chicago Point
Bill Davis, Editor
3940 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 504
Chicago, IL 60659-3128

Phone: 312 583-6464
Fax: 312 583-3264


European Backgammon News

Contact: European Backgammon News
Apartado 81
Garrucha (Almeria)

FAX: 34/68-438347

Subscription: $30/12 issues in Europe. $40 elsewhere.
Published since July 1993 by Martin de Bruin.


Flint Area Backgammon News

Monthly newsletter, 10 pages: Problem analysis, book and software
reviews, tournament schedules and complete results, local, national
and international backgammon news and views. Full page catalog of
backgammon merchandise.

Subscription: USA/Canada/Mexico: $20/year or $200 lifetime.
Overseas: $25/year or $250 lifetime subscription.
Contact: Carol Joy Cole, Editor
3003 Ridgecliffe Drive
Flint, Michigan 48532-3730 USA
Phone/Fax: 810-232-9731.



Members magazine for the Danish Backgammon Federation.
A5 sized. Published 6 - 8 times a year with a circulation between
1,800 and 10,000 (10,000 during Carlsberg Backgammon Cup).
32 to 44 pages with articles, rating lists, tournament invitations and
reviews, general BG theori, "ask the experts"-coloumn, annotated
matches etc. Mainly in Danish, with occasional English articles.
Subscription can also be obtained by non-members for DKK 180 per year
(US$ 30).
Advertisement: Please contact Chris Ternel for prices.

Chris Ternel
Danish Backgammon Federation
Gersonsvej 25
DK-2900 Hellerup
Tel. +45 39 40 06 07
Fax. +45 39 40 01 44

or you can contact:

Erik Gravgaard, president of DBgF
e-mail: erikg@inet.uni-c.dk


Hoosier Backgammon Club Newsletter

Bi-monthly, 8 pages: Articles/problems plus very issue non-annotated
matches of todays best players.

Subscription: USA: $12/years Canada/Mexico: $14/year.
Overseas: $16/year (cash or check drawn on US bank.)
Contact: Butch & Mary Ann Meese
Hoosier Backgammon Club
7620 Kilmer Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46256 USA

Tel: 317.845.8435
E-mail: hbc@ix.netcom.com


Inside Backgammon

Bi-monthly, 24 pages: Technical magazine with quizzes, articles and
annotated matches by the best backgammon players today.

Subscription: USA: $40/years
Canada/Mexico and oversea ground: $45/year.
Overseas airmail: $60/year (US funds).
P. O. Box 294
Arlington, MA 02174 USA

(617) 641-2091



Norpunkt is the magazine of the Norwegian Backgammon Federation
(Norges Backgammon Forbund). It's published quarterly, but only
written in Norwegian.

A sample of articles written in Norwegian appears at WWW site:

The WWW page for the Norwegian Backgammon Federation is:

For Further information send E-mail to Stein Welle at


Are there any other backgammon newsletters or magazines out there?
Please help to keep the faq up to date. (thanks!)


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